The calvary of the model with the perfect body


Instagram is the most popular social network when it comes to portray moments and places and people. It is therefore not surprise that, thanks to the vast options of the application, many people are using it as a means to earn a living.

This is the case of models or girls “fitness” that through daily journals show the world the result of their efforts, and boast the perfection of their bodies as if from a fashion magazine or exercise it were, causing their followers to fill out of flattery or questioning of the veracity of those idyllic settings that we show.

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But not everything is as beautiful as we show in these photographs, as in the case of Alexis Ren, one of the most popular models on IG now totals more than 11 million fans, the way to get these results so incredible is has not been easy thing.

Some time ago you questioned the veracity of his photographs, claiming that they could only be the product of the digital touch-ups, same they use famous and not-so-famous, to show a result free of imperfections.

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In your case, Ren stated that his photographs were 100% free of Photoshop and that his body was the reflection of exhaustive hours in the gym and eating carefully. With all of this, the model has become an inspiration to many, a source of admiration for others, and an object of desire for the rest.

However, after a year of having defended that he was honest in all ways with their followers within and outside of social networks, has recently confessed in an interview with the magazine Harper’s Bazaar that if you well which shows in his photographs is not a lie, yes he has suffered enough to achieve a body like his.

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The american model revealed that for a time, she suffered a serious eating disorder and that they maintained a relationship “toxic,” with food and exercise, as I used to eat in excess, and after spending hours and hours in the gym due to guilt and remorse that caused him to eat out of rule.

According to VOGUE magazine, the root of this problem could have been the death of his mother in 2013 from breast cancer, a situation that after the orillaría to earn a little bit of weight and receive a call of attention on the part of their representatives.

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It was from there that he began an uncontrollable obsession with the exercise, which caused concern among their relatives.

All around the world I said, “Alexis, what are you doing?” but I felt that my body was the only reason I liked it, declared to Harper’s Bazaar.

To overcome this stage of difficulties, the model decided to leave everything and disconnect from the world to receive professional help. From his home in Los Angeles was instructed by an expert in nutrition and learned from scratch how to lead a healthy and happy life, without sacrificing your physique.

With this we understand that many times what we see on a screen is not always as “perfect” as what we believe, and that many women who are dedicated to the modeling or the world of fitness do not always go as amazing as shown in your photos.

Even so, it is good to know that despite the difficulties, this girl was able to get ahead and overcome their own fears.

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