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On November 25, 2020 at noon, the house in the San Andrés de Tigre neighborhood where Diego Maradona was serving a home stay for the last 14 days was filled with people like never before. His heart stopped beating, the news spread quickly and they began to seek explanations.

After a year of trying to find out why the story ended in that way, the Justice has seven medical professionals in its sights and is preparing to refer them to another instance to be tried. The crime? Simple homicide for eventual intent, that is, they thought that Maradona could die and did nothing.

They are the neurosurgeon Leopoldo Luque, the psychiatrist Agustina Cosachov, the psychologist Carlos Díaz, the nurses Ricardo Almiron and Dahiana Madrid; their chief Mariano Perroni, and the coordinator of Swiss Medica Nancy Forlini.

For now there are seven, although the criminal prosecutors of San Isidro could also advance on Pedro Di Spagna, the clinical doctor of the social work of Swiss Medical whom the rest of the accused accuse.

During the 365 days of investigation, the prosecutors listened to almost 80 witnesses and Maradona’s medical history from the last 20 years was collected, so today the file accumulates about 40 bodies.

On December 14, the deadline for prosecutors to decide whether to send the case to an Oral Court is exhausted, because ten months have elapsed since the defendants were investigated. This period may be extended for another four months, as a result of proposals that may be made by defenses or complaints of other evidence measures.

Most likely, the entire term will run out, not only because of the proposals that the parties may make. In the last hours, the plaintiff Mario Baudry, representative of Dieguito Fernando, challenged the prosecutors and that entails a whole process where the guarantee judge will have to call a hearing and decide whether or not to keep them in the case.

The decision of the prosecution team made up of Patricio Ferrari, Cosme Irribarren and Laura Capra is to send the file to an oral court considering that the investigation is over. But first they want to define Baudry’s challenge before making that determination.

In that year of investigation, a medical board of 22 experts was also held, which were devastating for the accused. since he pointed out that their behaviors were reckless and reckless. He also criticized the home confinement, the medication that Maradona received and is the main evidence against the accused.

Once sent to trial, it is foreseen, according to the court time, that the start of the oral process will be no earlier than two years.

For now, this process will target all medical personnel and third parties or relatives of Maradona, because although they are not charged, there are causes parallel to Diego’s death. One is against Matías Morla, who is pointed out by Dalma and Gianinna as a result of the business he continued to do with the Maradona brand.

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