The cast of Blade is already growing, in the UCM

After the protagonist, Mahershala Ali, this is the first actor confirmed to be part of the Blade cast. Therefore, more information is expected shortly.

The Eternals reached the great halls of cinema the world and, with it, a large number of new characters for the franchise. In this way, the spectrum of the Marvel Cinematic Universe it was enlarged and now there is a lot of fabric left to cut. One of them, which attracted the most attention, was Blade, who was not seen, but his voice was heard in the post-credit scene.

Mahershala Ali, who gives life to the vampire hunter, was the only professional confirmed to be part of the casting. Now the story changed when Delroy Lindo joined the list of human talent that the project will have. However, the latter will appear on the film in an undisclosed role … Hero or villain?

The artist is going through something of a resurgence, as he received well-deserved accolades for his role on the set of Spike Lee Da 5 Bloods. The war movie of Vietnam had a tangential connection to the MCU, as the late Chadwick boseman it was also in production. Lindo’s other credits include The Cider House Rules, Gone in 60 Seconds and the recent western of Netflix The Harder They FalHe, in which Lindo played the Marshal Bass Reeves, a historical figure who was the first black deputy sheriff west of the Mississippi“, mentions Collider about his time.

It should be noted that the production will be directed by Bassam tariq. Although there is no release date yet, Blade is part of Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It is budgeted that between the end of 2023 and 2024 such a project can come to light.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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