The cast of Sabrina, the teenage witch met 17 years after its end!


The magic does exist!

Before Chilling Adventures of Sabrinathe guys of the 90s were having fun with the spells more innocent and fun of Sabrina, the teenage witch.

The original show, starring Melissa Joan Hart ended in 2003, but even today, his cast continues to be very united. So recently showed with an epic meeting.

Watch the video with all the details.

Prior to this recent reunion, Hart shared a photo of a photo session Entertainment Weekly that caused this last meeting.

As he wrote in his caption, “oh, Something is brewing for tonight! Don’t emotions too much because it is a small party intimate for the team and the cast of Sabrina, but we promise to share some fun photos of the night! I can’t wait to catch up with my friends at 7 years old most fun of my life. Have passed 17 years since we finished and a meeting is significantly delayed. #sabrinalabrujaadolescente”.

The last time the world received a meeting Sabrina was in 2018, when Hart, Beth Broderick, Caroline Rhea and Nate Richert teamed up with Netflix to send their best wishes to Kiernan Shipka and the rest of the CHAOS.

As said Hart in the video Instagram, “So tomorrow, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina comes to Netflix. And I just wanted to send my best wishes to Kiernan Shipka, also known as the new Sabrina Spellman. By the way, a Sabrina to the other… if you ever have the option to choose between a broom and a vacuum cleaner, choose vacuum cleaner”.

And then, the Harvey Kinkle original enters saying, “I Just wanted to say hello to the new Harvey, Ross Lynch. I heard that the new show, Sabrina is more scary and quite twisted. I’m supporting, friend. I stay alive!”

And Rhea chimed in saying, “I Just want to send best wishes to Lucy Davis by be aunt Hilda 2.0. And now I get to be Etta Candy. I’m so excited. I can’t wait to see The chilling adventures of Sabrina“.

For his part, Broderick told Miranda Otto, “I can’t tell you how excited I am to see you The chilling adventures of Sabrina. And Looking at Otto, I wish you all the best.”

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