the cast will be able to take part in the Venice Film Festival

Priscilla, expected at the Venice Film Festival on September 4, has reached a tentative agreement with the SAG-AFTRA union, which is currently on strike. The cast will then be able to attend the preview, although no stars have yet confirmed their presence.

Priscilla From Sofia Coppola joined the growing list projects received from SAG-AFTRA the possibility of conducting an advertising campaign also in the presence of actorsdespite the ongoing strike. Thus, the agreement was concluded about a week after the start Venice Film Festival 2023where the latest work of the director will be presented at the competition, Monday, September 4.

Priscilla – Will the actors participate in the Venice Film Festival?

Priscilla so this is the third film in competition at the Venice Film Festival 2023 reach an agreement with SAG-AFTRA, later DogMan Luc Besson and ferrari Michael Mann. However, the feature film was greenlit not as an independent production (actually A24 is behind the project), but because it was produced by a non-US production. Sofia Coppola is in fact a member of the WGA, a writers’ union on strike alongside SAG-AFTRA, and an interim agreement signed between the two unions allows for some “exceptions”, including films made outside the US. PriscillaHow filmed in Canada produced by TCB Productions and according to the rules of the local union, therefore does not fall into the number of films “engaged” in the dynamics of “protest” and will be able That’s why count on the presence of the cast during screenings and previews.

However, at the moment, according to TimingOne Sofia Coppola AND Priscilla Presley they have confirmed their presence on the red carpet in Veniceand the cast – in which the presence Jacob Elordi AND Caylee Spaeny – They haven’t made a decision yet. Indeed, we remember that Feature film tells the life of the king of rock and roll Elvis Presley from the point of view of his wife, Priscillaand is based on Priscilla’s own memoirs, Elvis and mewritten in 1985. Thus, Spaeny plays the role of Priscilla and Elordi the star of the series. Euphoriaalso expected in Saltburn Emerald Fennell – Gives Elvis body and voice. Thus, Elordi will have to confront Austin Butler, who played the artist in Elvis Baz Luhrmann at the Golden Globe. Then they complete throw Rayne Monroe Boland, Emily Mitchell, Dagmara Dominczyk, George Cadence, Rodrigo Fernandez-Stoll and Luke Humphrey. The feature film will hit US theaters on October 27. MUBI acquired international distribution rights. So just wait for more updateshoping to see some actors in Venice.

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