The CEO of Twitter, Threatened, Ousted by investors

102 – Recently, a report mentioned circulated that an investor
plan to depose the position of the Jack Dorsey as CEO of Twitter.

A billionaire and founder of Elliott Management, Paul Singer, allegedly the number behind the shift schedule, Jack Dorsey, from his position, the is.

Elliott Management reportedly bought a number of shares of Twitter, in order to pry Dorsey. Investment company with its headquarters in New Tork, was also nominated to fill four names, the Chairman of the board of directors of Twitter at the annual General meeting.

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Unknown Twitter is how a lot of shares bought from Elliott Management. Note, however, that current Elliott Management, the holder of a share, to organize the large enough to Twitter, so that you have the authority, the structure of the company.

Compiled KompasTekno from BloombergTo replace on Tuesday (3/3/2020), plan, Jack Dorsey, wants to supposedly promote the existence of internal changes in the Twitter. Therefore, Dorsey has a rating of less in the management of the company deserves.

Since Dorsey returned to Twitter in July 2015 to today, the price of the Twitter stock down 6.5 percent. Meanwhile, at the same time, the share price of Facebook rose by 121 percent.

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Dorsey also serves as CEO of the company of the other, Square Inc. the payment service founded by Jack Dorsey in 2009.

Want Dorsey to live in Africa for six months in each year, a special concern of Elliott Management.

Elliott Management is activist investors often the shares of a company buy to promote changes in it. In Addition To Twitter,
Elliott Management this week also announced the purchase of SoftBank Corp.