The challenge of Smes against the outbreak of Covid-19


Before the episodes of emergency as the coronavirus it is important to know what they can do both the small and medium-sized enterprises (Smes) as well as workers to protect themselves.

For the specialist and business director of the firm BIOS Installs, Javier Zepeda, first of all it is important to take into account that the social responsibility is an essential aspect.

The situation not only in Mexico but also at international level, leaves as the learning that the productive units and employees should be prepared to face any kind of contingency, considers the expert.

However, it highlights that the case of small and medium-sized enterprises is even more relevant because they do not count with the same response capacity and tools of large corporations in order to get through the bad times.

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For this reason, Zepeda says in an interview with EL UNIVERSAL that in order to face crises such as the coronavirus, with the minimum losses possible, you must have a contingency plan.

If you do not know how to do, the advice and counsel of a professional is not are more for them to help you design this strategy to include ways to address, for example, a spread in the workforce, schemes, teleworking and credit to customers.

“Any micro or small enterprise has a contingency plan, maybe some median, but the percentage is negligible,” says the manager.

It is estimated that in Mexico there are more than 4.1 million micro, small and medium-sized firms, with a share of 97.3%, according to the National Survey on productivity of Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (Enaproce) in 2018, developed by the National Institute of Statistics and Greografía (Inegi).

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Of that total, 11 thousand 958, are the business of the first two categories, with a market share of 2.7%.


On the other hand, explains the specialist, it is important that workers are also prepared mentally and occupationally speaking, instead of only keep you worried.

With measures that put into practice some of the companies and what is done with the National day of Healthy Distancethe specialist business says that the staff must also be aware of their rights.

Before a sanitary contingency, the employer is obliged to suspend the work activity face-to-face, but you must continue to pay the salary, at least, for a maximum period of 30 days.

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The owner of the firm specialized in consulting and distribution of software business points out that whenever in the course of the federal government, through the Secretariat of Health (Ssa), to declare that the state of sanitary contingency, the employees are protected by the legislation in force in the country.

During that period, he says, employers should tell all workers of the private initiative, to remain on guard in their homes, teletrabajando or not.

In addition, the regulations specify that the employer is obliged to continue paying wages and may not end the employment relationship, as it only remains technically suspended.

“If the sanitary contingency, always on the assumption that the federal government finds, lasts seven days, during that period, the staff should remain in their home.

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“In any case you have to go to the job center and will receive at least the minimum wage”, indicates the expert.

Before the declaration, the pattern is not required, clarifies Zepeda, use telework or any other scheme that reduces the presence of the worker in the workplace.

“The employee can suggest to their employer to apply the resource of telework, which, well done, not mine productivity, lowers the stress of the employee against possible infections and helps to comply with the instructions of the authorities to combat the coronavirus,” advises the holder of BIOS Installed.

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