The Challengers, the new movie trailer with Zendaya

Zendaya is the ultimate hero of trailer Of challengersThe new movie director’s Luca Guadagnino,

in this new adventure Excitement And grappling with a love triangle that sees him conflicted between Mike Fest Of west side story And josh o’connor Of Crown,

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challengersby new movie Luca Guadagnino (Director of films like bones and all And call me by your nameboth starring Timothée Chalamet) tells the story of the young tennis star tashi duncan (aka Zendaya), who finds herself in a menage à trois with colleagues Art Donaldson (played by Faust) and Patrick Zweig (aka O’Connor). In the story, Tashi is married to Kala, who becomes his coach after a serious injury. Seeking to relive the monotony of everyday life, Duncan persuades her husband to attend a sporting event in which Art finds herself challenging her historical rival Patrick, and the meeting turns not only into a rivalry between the two players. but also sparks passion between Zweig and . Tashi,

The Challengers, the new movie trailer with Zendaya


Although movie challengers Not even out yet, many assure that the film will be one of the biggest hits of the coming months and that too thanks to an incredible interpretation by Zendaya. star of dune Thanks to the character of Tashi Duncan can be nominated for the Oscar for the first time. The film’s release is set for September 15, 2023 and will mark a huge change of pace for Zendaya (to whom she is engaged). tom hollandknown on the sets of films Spider Man) as well as for they earnNow more than ever eager to showcase their skills and abilities challengers,

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