The challenges of education in the face of a pandemic


The social distancing due to the expansion of the Covid-19 it turned out that all the industries are facing new challenges in the educational field has not been an exception.

To the extent that this is a new virus, whether it was introducing into the country, and the authorities have determined that it is the first thing that you would be stopping they would be in the classroom at all levels, (march 23), giving rise to uncertainty about how to continue moving forward in the process of learning.

In the light of this new reality, colleges, high schools, universities, training centers, have been replaced with small living spaces, during which the students attend their classes and with their professors through a screen, e-mail, or text message.

In an Interview with The Company, Joseph’s War, To Findvice-rector for Academic and Educational Innovation in the Tecnológico de Monterreyhe acknowledged that, in general, the educational institutions of the country were not prepared for so rapid a change in the school, although there are a few that have had to face major challenges in order to continue with their lawsuits in the distance, along with the adaptations the teachers made in the classroom in order to continue.

“This is a pandemic takes us all by surprise. Those who have more time to work with the distance learning, we are able to make a rapid deployment, however, the amount of stuff we had to go through to change has accounted for a great job,” said the vice-rector for Academic and Educational Innovation of the Tec de Monterrey.

For its part,the Diana Galindo Sontheimerthe director of Development and Academic Management of the Anahuac University (Universidad Anáhuac-Mexicoyou agree that the change from distance education to them, it has been a challenge for teachers, because they have to adapt their teaching to the new technology.

“The future has come down to us from one day to the next, whether you like it or not we like it. Those who were immersed in the exchange rate, we have been the best, and you don’t have to face a lot of problems, where the change in cost to the teachers,” he emphasized, “in addition to the instability in the service of the internet is that it puts pressure on the teachers, there are also those who have ever had to subscribe to the service, we had to make a number of adjustments”.

So where are we going to experience asynchronous

The Doctor is in the War to Find he warns that in the face of this new reality, the challenge is to adapt to a rapidly in the direction of a new form of interaction, the schools, the teachers and the students of the school if the sending and receiving low, the dynamics are different, in the form of courses, more teaching, and it is not only the leading to be looking at a screen.

“At the beginning of this process, the extensive use of video-links, because they weren’t prepared for an experience that is more asynchronous, but that raises the tiredness, the exhaustion, the stress, since being in front of a computer for many hours a day it runs out, and it’s a challenge to manage, both for teachers and for our students, and, on the other hand, the context in which they shut down, you can’t sleep, you don’t have physical interaction with their friends or with other people generate stress, it is also important that the educational institutions we attend to our students and teachers.”

Exemplified than in the Tecnológico de Monterrey, there are changes in the courses, the reduced time for classroom, online, and has been on the rise, with active learning in asynchronous and without sacrificing what you’ve learned.

“For example, which is typically a class lasts for an hour, what we seek to was to decrease the time for the registry and other words, is not to give a 60-minute connection, both on-line and in its place will only give you up to 30 minutes for the rest of the class, with asynchronous activity,” says.

“Today’s technology allows us to provide transformative learning experiences in the digital, remote, and online that enhance the learning process and the value of to be able to take advantage of the situation and follow through with the proposed course of study, and they complement each other”.

In addition, he pointed out that the process of the evaluation, also if you had to modify it, to make it more in accordance with the situation and sympathetic to the needs of the learner, without compromising on the quality, not the demand, that it has always been manipulated.

He added that the platform, which has been very useful for such a transformation is the The Learning Management System (LMS) it is already used in the format of face-to-face, making it easier to shift to a work at a distance.

The class flipped

In addition, Dr. Diana Galindo Sontheimer agree to make the classroom experience required with a little extra effort for everyone, which began with training teachers to use new technologies and education platforms such as Blackboard and Brightspace, along with the educational tools to enrich the classroom.

“We’ve given them the tools for teachers to enrich lessons, any student can watch the video for an hour-and-a-half, and one right after the other. We have started to work with the teachers in the form of a few sessions, the player, to make microconferencias using the Zoom and Teens, which gives us the ability to create working groups, using methodologies that are active at a distance,” he says.

“There are apps that are wonderful to have, learning is much more active and give you more of it in the process of learning, in addition to the work with cases for the projects, not just the imparting of knowledge online.

The director of Development and Academic Management of the University of Anahuac in Mexico indicated that, as of now, they are working on a project which is known as the ” Classroom-Flipped (Flipped Classroom), in partnership with the International Organization In The Flipped Classroom.

“It’s a method that does what you say, that your life has changed, students no longer want to go it alone in a class, listening to an expert, because in order to listen to an expert, you can do it TED Talks or other video. What I really want is the master?, the teacher is there when they need them to do a job, a project, if you have a tough problem to solve, the more complex, and it is here that the need for advice.

Finally, it was acknowledged that what is gained by this pandemic, it is the opening up of new possibilities and alternative ways of teaching, which has been a learning experience, from the point of view of a professional and human level, and you will have to make a statement, for it is not going to be in the same order in which they were working.

“What we have lost, and what is strange, too, it is in contact, and for the life of the university. That we keep in mind that you have to keep up with this transformation is to make the learning more active, more personalized, and more relevant to the future life of our students, that we’re giving you all kinds of strategies to enter in the active life of a very effective learning experience for all of us.”

Although, if you are planning for the back-to-school face-to-face, whether it is in August, and still no one can guarantee that this was the case in such a way, that the Doctor is in the War, explaining that they are already preparing to come back with a plan for a hybrid, where they combine all the classes and face-to-face and remote areas.

Also, Dr. Galindo matches in which they will assess as to whether you will continue working on a type of blender, doing it in the classroom and at a distance to other classes in face-to-face, but with fewer students.


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