the characteristics of the new scheme

From the secretariat that leads Roberto Feletti It was highlighted that this new stage of Care Prices arises as a result of an agreement between the Government and the private sector, which is the intention from the first moment when taking over the management last October. This new agreement, which is already closed with the participating companies and the government, was achieved thanks to the meetings they held during the past month. Despite the concern about an inflationary escalation – product of the inertia that leaves 2021 and partly because of the increases foreseen between January, February and March -, the government will seek to move towards a balance between prices and wages that will serve as an anchor to the inflation.

The objective of this year will be to establish increases in an agreed manner: “There is a predisposition to dialogue and the Government proposes that it seeks to guarantee a wide, diverse basket, with accessible prices and with quality goods, always representative of average consumption of the Argentineans “, indicated spokesmen of the Secretary of Interior Commerce to the Agency Télam.

The new listing It will reach both supermarket chains and nearby stores and shops, which will work with a differential scheme based on the level of sales after the smaller businesses did not satisfactorily comply with the price freeze due to the drop in profitability.

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