The child of eight years of Hilary Duff the maquilló and this was the result


“I’m working on a child of eight years, ” he told Duff to his followers in the first of the videos. According to andrea, for the duration of the session, Luca he was not allowed to look in the mirror to see how I was being, because I wanted the result to be a surprise.

This was Hilary Duff after the makeup session.

Even in one of the videos the actress asks her older son what style you are looking for, the child responded emphatically: “I’m Not going to tell you.”

Finally Luca finished with his task, and finally she let her mom see the result: an eye with a tone of shadows different (and applied in a distorted manner) and the lip color that reminds by its position… to the quietly ironic.

“It is subtle; it is unique. I’ve never had a makeup like this before, but I like it, especially the top left,” said Duff his followers in social networks.