The Chilean Chamber of Deputies rejected the decriminalization of abortion

(CNN Spanish) – The Chilean Chamber of Deputies rejected this Tuesday in particular the bill that decriminalizes consensual abortion by women within the first fourteen weeks of gestation with 62 votes in favor, 65 against and one abstention. With this result, the initiative presented by a group of opposition deputies went to the archive.

The general approval of the motion in Deputies was on September 28. Later, the text returned to the Women’s Commission because it had indications. There, the norm was adapted to the gender identity law.

Back in the room, the proposal was debated for two days: on November 23 and this Tuesday. According to a statement from the Lower House, at the time of the vote, the majority was not reached to approve any of the alternative drafting of the article, nor the recently outgoing one from the Women’s Commission, nor the previous text.

However, the bill may be presented again for legislative processing, since it was previously approved in general.

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