The chin and the cheek-bones are some of the areas in which Selena Gomez was submitted to cosmetic procedures?


With the return of the Selena Gomez in the music industry, the singer has been in a state of constant change through psychological, emotional, and even physical, or so say fans of the artist ‘No You To Love Me?

Therefore, according to the fans of the star have to make sure that your physical appearance has changed a lot in the present day, in comparison to when he announced his return to music, because it found that the Stop was the subject of numerous cosmetic surgeries on her face.

All the Selenators back again when it is hot from her idol: Selena Gomez in a thong bikini

The fans Better be compared to their photo published via Instagram, and revealed that her cheekbones seem to be more pronounced, as well as the chin is thinner, and does not rule out the idea that has been injected into the application of the botulinum toxin or hyaluronic acid. Omaigashh!

And Selena was already known for being loyal to the movement, bodypositive, will you at this time I wanted to venture out a bit with the knife?