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It is about “Souk of the buriburi: the invented city” a documentary fiction that tells the story of Jorge Rosenberg, a poet who writes to revive the city of Santiago del Estero that is disappearing as he knew it.


George He struggles to rescue it with writing, through stories in poetic prose published in a local newspaper with which he gives life to the old city, of cinemas, cobblestones, dances in the parks and yellow lights, thus founding a new one: the city of Souks.

This documentary, filmed in 2013 and released in the cinema in 2017, won the Audience Award for October TV in 2019, Best address to Lorraine jozami, best editing, best feature film and best performance, in the international PIFF festival And the prize Jackie Paloma Efron.

He participated in the SEFF (Santiago del Estero Festival Film) and numerous local and national festivals. Premiered in Renzi Cinema and Gaumont Cinema spaces INCAA, toured various cinemas of the Noa television screens and platforms carrying images of the city of Santiago del Estero to the world.

Based on the texts of Rosenberg the film with animations based on the illustrations of the local artist Touriño Cantos, Buriburi souk: the invented city is the history of the literary journalistic invention of the city of Santiago del Estero and how the voice of George, the voice of the souks, could be sustained for several decades and function as an archive of Santiagueña memory and accompany the life of the people of Santiago from a local morning. It is a film full of car trips through the streets of lapachos, friends and music of memory. It is a lyrical and dreamlike walk through the Santiago current with the look of the past, with the zoca look and the look of a local author.

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