the clamorous request of the fans!

There Curse of Kim Kardashian would hit the football world. The fans of some teams are sure of it, who have pointed the finger at the American star, even asking not to let her enter European stadiums anymore. It all started with the sensational Paris Saint-Germain defeat in the Champions League against Rennes. Also attending the match at the Parco dei Principi was Kim who, according to some fans, brought bad luck to Messi and Mbappé’s team. Not an isolated case because four days earlier Kardashian was with her son in London for the meeting Europa League between Arsenal and Sporting de Portugal. The British were the super favourites, as they are dominating the Premier League, but they lost on penalties to the Portuguese. For some, therefore, Kanye West’s ex-wife it would bring bad luck to the teams he supports (first Arsenal, then Paris Saint-Germain).

Drake’s Curse

For many Kim Kardashian will make the end of Drake. The rapper has long been regarded as the evil eye in the world of sport. Everyone he bet on, whoever he posed or backed with, lost. Neither Barcelona nor Rome Neither Serena Williams, Johnny Manziel, McGregor, Anthony Joshua, Leclerc, Jadon Sancho’s Borussia Dortmund, Agüero’s City or Aubameyang’s Arsenal were spared. Something changed a few months ago when he guessed right Argentina’s victory at the World Cup in Qatar. Despite this, however, the artist didn’t win his bet since he thought the triumph would come in the canonical 90 minutes.

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