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Someone close to me has got to a private school for children and young people. With the lock-down began to take the classes by video conference. Once you get over the difficulties of adaptation to the initial, they ended up tracking the pace with which it took before. It still says that some of the students were more focused and took advantage of the better classes, because if you meet up with the others after school, it was for them to distract you more. This is the new normal, also to block out a site, which is something that eximiría to the owner to pay a month’s rent. The only obstacle you have to overcome is the bias of “skeptics” who do not see, of course, to pay for an education that is not face-to-face. Even so, if it’s something that we have learned is that we can continue to work from a distance and get the results. Time will tell whether this is an unexpected situation, which opened up a whole new precedent.


Animal instincts

Luis Cabaneiro Santomé


At times, we allow ourselves to be carried away by their instincts, which confirms that we are animals, but also, at times, we are driven by the noble values that we are confirming that we are indeed common to move around by the impulses that make us human, and, less frequently , for very strong pulses, which we turned into heroes, such as giving one’s life for others, in the reckless actions that could only from the very depths of your soul, and what we would do with important spiritual benefits, if you lived to enjoy it; or, question serious consideration to the possibility of not giving it up, if you have the opportunity to make use of for the reason that which will cause us to reflect on why it’s such a heroic action, and think about whether it is better to sleep at home, a coward, and with the Assumption of , or in a box, and a decorated hero of the nation.


We will continue fighting

Elizabeth Frank


We have all read, heard, and thought of a time when these days of confinement would substantially change our way of being and of understanding life. I’m sure it’s not. The human being tends to recover from those addictions and habits that make you feel like a good time. The one that’s going to be in our history of going to be the theme of the “before”, “during” and “after confinement,” such as when our parents or grand-parents said, that “before the war” or “after the war”, and a lot of times they don’t hear it. It would be our war against the enemy is invisible to our eyes. Let’s see how it performs with this virus is with us, because they don’t love you in the purpose is much, much more. Play keep on fighting, and, most of all, don’t leave them out.


A mention of the silence

She Fardelart


In a city jam-packed, and the noise of the birds to be in full primary, brought to the present, something forgotten that he had been ensordecido to the ears of the residents of the city; and that the silence, at times, it is a good companion. It facilitates concentration, helps us to sleep, allows us to perceive sounds of low intensity are also abundant in the cities, the rain, the flutter of the birds and the wind. But it’s my personal tribute to silent during the long months seemed to be frustrated with the newspaper at the time, a virtuoso of music, or in the corner, it was decided more or less to their neighbours, and to offer the concert free of charge to des on the balcony of the home of the eight-hour day, the time of the shout, and with the twelve in the night, the time of the trankimacín. To the lung, these singers ‘ anonymous ensañaban with the asistíamos, resigned, at a spontaneous event. The people cheered, I don’t know if it’s the fruit of boredom, or chronic, or to put an end to by the act, which, at times, ended up with a double. With the entry into the new normal in the city, has been on the increase in noise, and we went to the birds singing to the pope and to the guests. The least harm that we have left to go back to the question on the cry, do it in front of a pint of beer, if not, in this country, if he had made ingobernable.


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