The Classic game Worms will be Back in the year 2020!


Back to the 3D era, or maybe you show battle royale?

If You Gamer the power of the old, may know Worms. Before it Gunbound, Worms be series the game Artillery popular in where Gamer you play a lot of worms armed to the defeat of the team from the other snail.

Worms one of the serial the game this is very sustainable and is still played to this day. Now, Team 17, as the Developer of the worms prepare Game Worms new in the year 2020!

1. The development of Worms from time to time

The Classic game Worms will be Back in the year 2020!

In Game WormsYou will be asked to navigate to defeat the level in 2D, which can be destroyed, for the worms of your opponent. You will be equipped with various type of weapons such as bazooka, gun, stick, baseball, grenade, and others.

Unique Game Worms, Factor in power attack and the wind influence is very strong, where a projectile weapon will land.

Game Worms in have some time for an overhaul, one of them with a level of 3D Worms 3D and adheres to the concept of base building in Worms Forts. Game Worms then back in the format of the 2D and the introduction of some new features such as system Class, procedural waterup to the vehicle.

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2. Worms new in the year 2020

Recently, Team 17 announced that it will soon release Game Worms new in 2020. You upload a video teaser with the development of Game Worms from time to time, and ends with the action of a worm that destroyed the TV.

Team 17 promises a new experience that has never existed, Game Worms before. “New worms, new ways to play,“You wrote.

3. Think innovation Worms 2020

Team 17 is not yet ready to open the card about what you are preparing Worms in 2020. Odds are, Worms you go back to the era of 3D, though the game-the game in this era, less liked by the gamers. It is a Team of 17 brave return to the era of 3D could be, because you already have the formula is ok Game Worms 3D.

Or it could be Worms 2020 is adheres to the format battle royale it is now widely used. There Worms a system has the sudden deaththe application in the format battle royale it is not too weird. Well, if there is a mode battle royale for the game the race, why not the game how Worms?

According to you, such as what are the innovations that Team 17 will be presented in are Game Worms 2020 later?

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