The clean girl aesthetic is back in the spotlight this fall.

On TikTok we’re back talking about the clean girl aesthetic, a trend that’s not just about the world of beauty but is a real lifestyle choice. And it’s also popular in the fall.

Sometimes they come back and this is the case when pure girl aestheticsa trend that has already attracted interest beauty guru and they started talking about him again in the fall of 2023. Always on the lookout for the latest rapidly evolving trends, TIK Tak rediscovered the pleasure of pure aesthetics thanks to the catchphrase Pure girl. The clean girl aesthetic is more than an actual beauty trend, it’s a way of life.

Bianca Balti. Credits: Ansa – VelvetMag

Thanks to the popular #CleanGirl hashtag on TikTok and Instagram, which currently has billions of views, the trend already made its mark in the summer of 2022 but is back with a vengeance. However, some time ago this trend took root especially on the side draw up. However, today this is indeed the case. Life style, which is becoming increasingly common thanks to social media. What exactly is the clean girl aesthetic?

All about the clean girl aesthetic, a trend rediscovered on TikTok

On TikTok alone, its reference hashtag can count on more than four billion views: this demonstrates that the “clean girl” aesthetic trend has never completely disappeared and does not intend to lose ground so easily in 2023, especially in light of “autumn.” Already from the choice of name it is easy to understand what is the beating heart of this trend, which is also emphasized Bianca Balti during Venice Film Festival 2023. This is a beauty trend that strives for simplicity, soap and water, minimalist beauty that returns to the glamour. Bianca Balti, for example, embraced this trend when she came to the Lido. Not one to shy away from glamour, she wore a denim piece from Ermanno Scervino, opting to protect her face without makeup. And soon after, this choice was made on the red carpet with makeup applied that matches the clean girl aesthetic.

Bianca Balti. Credits: Ansa – VelvetMag

This trend, launched on TikTok and also appreciated by Generation Z, is close to a simple look, which is also reflected in the choice of clothes. Not just makeup and glamorbut also physical and mental well-being: everything is created to achieve the most natural beauty. When this trend launched, there was a lot of talk about an evolution of sorts to the no-makeup trend, which has been proudly promoted by many celebrities, including our own. But people also like the clean girl aesthetic. beautiful Hadid AND Hailey Bieber. This trend reflects a clean look: skin looks smooth and silky, always radiant, hair neat. We must also add physical and mental well-being, balanced with a healthy lifestyle that finds its place in a clear daily routine consisting of physical, mental and physical exercise. balanced diet.

Therefore, to reflect the clean girl aesthetic trend, it is necessary to start with one thing. permanent skin care allowing the skin to regain its radiance. Makeup however minimumand the hairstyle is left mostly free and without accessories.

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