the closing of the Odeon cinema – the end of an era

On Monday evening, July 31, the Odeon cinema in Milan closed its doors for good: renovations will soon begin, bringing the mall to life. Here is the story of the glorious town hall, past which world stars and generations of Milanese passed.

After 94 years of premieres, events, red carpets with Italian stars and Hollywood, on the evening of Monday, July 31, 2023 Cinema Odeon in Milan closed its doors forever. The famous 2500-seat multiplex, located a few steps from the Duomo, will soon give way shopping mall: The farewell and the new project was announced at the end of May.

History of the Odeon cinema in Milan

In place of the Odeon used to stand downtown Santa Radegondathe first thermal power plant in Italy, demolished in 1926. Only three years later, cinema was born with music hall the most famous center, opened in 1929: damaged during the bombing in the summer 1943then the Odeon reopens on November 7 of the same year and also hosts the show La Scala Theatre, badly damaged by bombs.

In 1986 becomes first multiplex in Milan, named Cannon Odeon; in 1993, two new rooms were also opened, for a total of 10 rooms. Cinema “Space” was born in 2009, the project also includes the cinema “Odeon”, which changes its name to “Space Odeon”. On the evening of November 29, 2009 fire probably due to a short circuit, and some halls reopen a few days later, but work is needed on the electrical system and emergency exits to reopen at full capacity in May 2010.

Lines on the motorways in Lombardy, delays also at the central station in Milan.

In 2021, permission finally comes to building renovation project: sold seats will be intended for commercial use.

The stars that passed by the Odeon cinema

The project takes into account the architectural merits of the building: the polychrome marble floor, the main staircase and the entrance foyer are preserved. Everything will be ready in 2024but today is the day of farewell. The last screening is scheduled for tonight: it will be an opportunity for Milanese to say goodbye to one of the most important and historical points of the city. And those who walked through these halls were not only Milanese, but also stars from across the ocean. Only the red carpets of the last ten years gave emotions: on January 15, 2018, they walked along the red carpet Tom Hanks, Meryl Streep and Steven Spielberg, or the main characters and director of the film “The Post”, which premiered in Italy in the historic Milan cinema. A few years later, on November 13, 2021, it was Lady Gaga’s turn: the superstar also attended the Gucci House preview. And for the re-display of the film, Milan chose the Odeon.

Among the Italians who have chosen this space to launch their productions, there are probably Ferranes who presented in these theaters both their series in 2021 and the film “Chiara Ferragni Without Posts” in 2019. The theater also hosted the premiere of a film about football player Pele.

What will the new mall look like?

What will the new mall look like?

What will the mall look like instead of the Odeon

Instead of ten rooms for 2250 seats, shops, restaurants, offices will be built. In any case, the new project provides (perhaps) a space dedicated to cinema. May be five halls incorporated into a basement where upcoming films could be screened. But the person in charge of the new works assures that they will always retain the atmosphere of the prestigious and historic building that has always characterized the Odeon.

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