The Colosseum Theater presents the new season 2023/24.

THEATER After tomorrow’s meeting with Giorgio Panariello AND Marco Masini V Strange meetingThe new season of the Colosseum Theater continues with a busy calendar.

He will take the stage on October 20. Arianna Porcelli Safonova, an irreverent and incisive artist of Roman origin who explores the phobias that accompany everyone, sometimes throughout life. And if last season it was a gamble, then returning for a double date Luca Ravenna (October 27 and 28) is definitely now. A great friend of the Colosseum Theatre. Giuseppe Giacobazi with a new show on November 3 and 4; Pio and Amedeothanks to the success of recent television appearances, will take to the stage with their Happy Show from November 10 to 12, for now Katya Follesa AND Angelo Pisani On November 25, they will laugh at the inevitable ups and downs in any relationship.

Return to the Colosseum Theater: Pint, Vernia, Duro, Legnanesi and Dandini.

According to tradition, the holidays at the end of the year will be dedicated to the name of everyone’s favorite artist: he is returning Angelo Pintus (from December 14), which has always had a special relationship with Turin and the Colosseum theater and which this time will also present its show on stage on New Year’s Eve for a big “family” toast.

PFor the little ones, after the success of last season, it will return Caroline (January 14) and with a new show called Where were westainless steel Massimo Lopez AND Tullio Solenghi (from 1 to 4 February). After the success of last season, he will also be back. A little prince (from February 23), a magnificent performance based on the fairy tale by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, director Paolo Genovese.

Others return those from Giovanni Vernia (February 28) with a show about lightness “because you can’t laugh at everything, but you can try” belonging Legnanesi (from April 12 to April 14), Tough Angel (April 18), tripling the show’s sold-out success last season. I changed and this show the gods Break free (April 11), which captivated the audience of the Coliseum Theater with the performance. Long live the queen.

Among the debutants are Panpers with Body idiots and Serena Dandini

Instead, the people of Turin will perform on the stage of the Colosseum for the first time. Panpers (March 29) with a new show Body idiots. Space for Serena Dandini (May 15), which will bring to life on stage the irreverent and politically incorrect format called Come forward, idiot!

He went sold the show is coming out in just a few days Kamihok (April 3), Antonio Ornano will take the stage on April 4. The season, with the exception of insertions throughout the year, will end with a wonderful local collaboration: on May 30 and 31, under the leadership of the new director of Cine Teatro Baretti, the protagonists will be Nina’s drag queen.

Stefano De Martinofor the first time at the Coliseum from January 11 to 13, will present his story and his talent in a magnificent show of song, dance and irony.

On March 26, he will appear on the stage of the Coliseum Theater for the first time. Paolo Crepet.

Italian and international music at the Coliseum Theater

As always, it finds its home at the Coliseum Theater. the best Italian and international musicplanned in synergy and collaboration with the most important producers and the most dynamic agencies on the scene.

The first concert, scheduled for September 30, will feature a jazz-pop group on stage. Postmodern jukebox under the command Scott Bradley for one of four Italian stops on the European tour. With the keys that we have this is a long-awaited concert Vinicio Capossela (October 19) with the latest exciting album Thirteen Urgent Songs; it is in the name of friendship and the common experience of the fathers that he will see the main characters Francesco Renga and Filippo “Neck” Neviani (October 21).

Another international superstar will take the stage on October 29: American Marcus Miller one of the undisputed masters of jazz bass, R&B, fusion and soul. After classes and jazz, he will return to the Coliseum Theater. Rafael Gualazzi (November 6) so far there will be two dates with music Max Gazze (November 23 and 24).

Debut will take place on November 27th Madam on the stage of the Colosseum and return Elio and the intense stories November 28.

During the Christmas holidays, on December 20, you will not be able to miss the emotional concert of the most famous choir –Harlem Gospel Choir. Then also space for some Italian music titles: Baby (March 11), I Musicians Francesco Guccini just from the release of a new album (March 22), Loredana Berthe which compensates for the concert postponed for health reasons on March 19, Sergio Caputo (April 17) hey Nomads (May 4th).

Contemporary music at the Colosseum

This year’s Colosseum program is also full of wonderful offerings that will bring the theater performances by extraordinarily talented symphony orchestras or ensembles of the highest caliber. contemporary music interpreted in creative shows: October 2nd will be the turn great music from the movie Hans Zimmer. Promises an exciting journey into music Lucio Battisti and the Mogul Free singing (November 20) and is not to be missed. DS Heritage (December 1), when Dire Straits’ greatest hits will be performed All Star Group educated Alan Clark on keyboards and piano, Hammond (inducted as Dire Straits along with John Illsley and Guy Fletcher into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame), Phil Palmer AND Jack Sonny with guitars, Mel Collins to the saxophones, Danny Cummings on drums (all musicians who worked closely with Mark Knopfler’s band both live and in the studio), as well as Trevor Horn on bass (yes Buggles, yeah).

On January 24, it will be the turn of a symphony concert entirely dedicated to unforgettable film music. Morricone’s discovery and they will be the masters Symphony on the Rock interpret rock classics arranged for band and orchestra in a show of music, sounds and colors.

March 17 in class The Legend of Pink Floydaccompanied by a dancer Raffaele Paganini who on this occasion will play Syd Barrett on stage.

The main characters of prose: from Lella Costa to Elio Germano

Interesting offers prose theater some of the most beloved characters: Lella CostaWith Elijah Shilton November 9 brings a light story of love and old age with Our souls at night; Andrea Pennacchi the stage returns (November 22) at the same time as its historic and current theater. Elio Germano together with musician and composer Theo Tirdo performs canto XXXIII of Dante’s Paradise at a cross-media show (January 25).

From Podcast to Theater: City Demons Come

There’s also room for a show born from a successful podcast: City Demons this is one of the formats true crime most subscribers in Italy e Francesco Migliaccio, the narrator of all episodes of the series, will present on stage three stories, unfortunately symbolic and topical, about “toxic love”. Analysis, investigations and caustic irony Marco Travaglio they will take the stage on February 29th and Federico Buffa (March 15) will still be able to tell the story of life and passion in a compelling story between sports and theater.

Colosseum Theater and musicals: productions of “Sistina” and “Piparo”

Always at home musical The Colosseum Theater decides to bring it to Turin this season productions of the Sistine Theater in Rome and Massimo Romeo Piparoartistic heir of Pietro Garinei and the outstanding interpreter and director of the genre in Italy: four great events that will offer the public unforgettable choral performances performed by artists of exceptional skill, with music and scenes capable of captivating.

From November 15 Marquis del Grillo with amazing talent Max Giustifrom December 5th an unrivaled opportunity to visit the version Cats, excellent musicala title that changed the history of this type of show, to the music of Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber and Nobel Prize texts T. S. EliotFor the first time in the world, the film takes place in Rome, on a hypothetical and futuristic “dump” of works of art and archaeological finds, with the Colosseum as a backdrop.

Then comes the turn of completely new Sistina products: Matilda (from January 16) or a story written Roald Dahlabout an extraordinary little girl with a quick mind and vivid imagination who rebels against changing the course of her destiny with miraculous results.

The journey to musicals ends with a long-awaited return to the theater. Billy Elliot (from March 5): Giulio Scarpati AND Rossella Brescia they will be the main characters of the new edition of this now historical game from the “collection” of PeepArrow Entertainment. Based on the film of the same name by Stephen Daldry and music by Elton John, this show has entered the hearts of all those who believe in dreams and love the art of dance.

Shows, entertainment and dancing at the Coliseum Theater

In addition to musicals in the program 23-24, there will be room for great fun and for shows that will revive diversity in the most modern way: that’s how they promise to become famous RECEIVE that is, I The talent of Hermana Erba who on November 30 will demonstrate their talent on stage between ballet prose, choreography and dance.

Among the proposals exploring the world dance, On December 13th they will debut at the Coliseum Theater and Troki that is, traditional classical ballet performed in parody and disguised from Les Ballets Trokadero de Monte Carlo. Sensational hip hop dancers EL-Team (January 9) and return from the USA. Daniel Ezralov with him Open (February 20th).

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