The combined influenza and COVID-19 vaccination campaign starts this Monday in Aragon

Six months ago, the coronavirus was no longer considered a pandemic, but the virus continues to infect people.Experts warn of a rebound from last month’s positives and suggest the best approach is to Preventing severe cases is all about vaccination.In Aragon, the joint immunization campaign against influenza and coronavirus will start on Monday.

Community health centers are ready.they have 394,000 doses of flu vaccine and approximately 60,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccine, as the latter will be received in stages every week. Vaccinations will begin among residential and primary care staff. This will be the third vaccination administered at both puncture sites in one day.

“No problem. After research, the vaccine can be a perfect match with the new coronavirus vaccine.”For example, there is no interference in the immune response of the two and it is beneficial to the management of vaccination programs.“explains epidemiologist Nacho de Blas.

The joint vaccination program will continue to target the usual target groups from October 16, but will be extended to all people over 60 years of age. They recommend immunization for essential workers, inmates in institutional centers, people with high-risk medical conditions such as diabetes, pregnant women or those who live with immunocompromised people. And do this through self-appointment.

“Importantly, in terms of COVID-19, if someone has had the virus within the past three months or received a vaccine during the same period, they must wait those three months before they can receive the vaccine.” Debra Si said.


Only students practicing at the health center can receive the flu vaccine. Moreover, the campaign is new to children aged six months to nearly five years and smokers.

In Aragon, 26% of the population over 18 years old consumes tobacco.These people have a 55% more likely to get a much more serious illness like the flu. Cigarettes inflame the bronchial mucosa, making it unhealthy.

“They are at greater risk than non-smokers of getting influenza pneumonia, which is a big complication. Because having pneumonia, like bilateral pneumonia, means This condition may cause respiratory failureadmission to hospital and even admission to the ICU in the most serious cases,” commented Marta Martín, President of the Aragonese Respiratory Society.

There is no security in tobacco. One cigarette increases blood density, increasing the risk of stroke or disease that prevents oxygen from reaching the heart or brain. This can lead to paralysis. Health professionals believe that with this recommendation to get a flu vaccination, smokers will become more aware of the harm they are doing to themselves and that they are a real risk group.

“We want to encourage them in this way One more reason to quit smoking Because tobacco is not only linked to cancer, but is directly linked to more than 25 diseases. In addition to different cancers such as those of the oesophagus, stomach, liver, pancreas, breast, urinary tract, etc., we also have diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease,” emphasizes Lourdes Clemente, family physician and coordinator of the tobacco group of the Aragonese Association. Family Medicine .

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