The complaint of Vanessa Morgan on ‘Riverdale’ after his message on racism


Vanessa Morgan is using your social platform to denounce the social injustices that is living in the united States, but also in the series ‘Riverdale‘.

The actress gives life in the fiction of Tony Topaz, and had no qualms about to criticize the inequality who lives in the series.

“What a shame that is the only black in the main cast but also to that less pay. Girl could go on with this for days”, he responded on Twitter.

In another comment also criticized that they had taken advantage of his character to cover the quota of diversitynot only racial but also sexual.

“Exactly, used as the amulet biracial bisexual“.

Despite leaving clear the problems, Morgan has assured that none of this affects their relationship with their peers.

“My role at Riverdale it has nothing to do with my teammates/friends. They don’t write the series. So there is no need to attack them, they do not decide and I know you support me”, it clarified.

Lili Reinhart, star with her role of Betty Cooper, the has supported publicly.

“We love you, V. And I support you 10000%”.

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