the concert film may have a weak point

Taylor Sufit’s concert film The Eras Tour is raising some concerns: According to a new report, the film may be limited to attracting only the attention of fans.

Since debut Taylor Swift at the movies With concert film Eras TourThe theater program has undergone various changes. All to avoid a direct box office clash with the pop star who set the film’s big screen release date. October 13, 2023, at least in the States. However, according to a new report, Taylor Swift’s film still has cause for concern. What is it about?

Taylor Swift, The Eras Tour Has Something To Fear, According To New Report

According to Comicsince Taylor Swift announced her concert film was coming to theaters, it’s already in production over $65 million in advance ticket sales. For first weekend instead they are respected over one hundred million dollars. So why bother? According to a recent reports spread Quorumthe concert film could simply be intended for Swifties (Taylor Swift fans) are therefore punishing another target. For now, the issue could dampen enthusiasm for the film, which has already been pitched as a major big-screen event. The Quorum compiled the report based on its survey of interest in the film, and about half of the people surveyed had never attended a Taylor Swift concert and were not interested in watching it. When the same people were asked if they were going to see the film version of the tour, the overall estimated interest level was 39%. Thus, the majority of the audience for The Eras Tour are represented by Taylor Swift fans who have already followed the singer in concert or who would like to attend the concert but were unable to do so. According to the report, the film “will likely not appeal to audiences other than its fans.”

It is also true that this film is unprecedented. How does he clarify? Comic, it is not a classic film, and there are no concert films of this magnitude to compare. Thus, since it is a real phenomenon, including a cinematic one, curiosity about it can also cause a different reaction and therefore disprove fears. The thing is, even before it hit theaters, The Eras Tour was pushed by other already planned productions to change their release: check this out. Exorcist – Believer which he rescheduled for October 6, as well as films such as What happens later or Ordinary angels which they rescheduled for November.

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