The consecrated Canto 4 brought the colors of the north to the emblematic Corrientes street

December 3, 2021 – 16:13
Juan Peñalva, Iván Vera, Facundo Rufino and Rodrigo Villarreal, were at the Premier Theater.

Canto 4 knows very well about facing commitments, but it was undoubtedly one of the most important of his artistic career. Facundo, Iván, Rodrigo and Juan, gave a different show, where feelings were intertwined in one night, in short they decided that it was “magical”.
The quartet made up of Juan Peñalva, Iván Vera, Facundo Rufino and Rodrigo Villarreal, winner of the Silver Gaviota in Viña del Mar, with more than 6 albums released and countless international tours, recently took the stage of the Premier Theater, in the emblematic Corrientes street for the long-awaited reunion with its public, after the distance caused by the covid-19 pandemic.
Canto 4, one of the most representative Salta groups of Argentine popular music, returned to the city of Buenos Aires to bring in their voices the colors of the north and that particular way of singing that captivated from beginning to end of the show.
It was a tour of the songs of his authorship and the inevitable classics of folklore that enshrined them in Cosquín, Jesús María and in most of the country’s festivals.
“Some time ago we proposed some changes and now we are seeing the fruits. In the musical we invite you to a journey towards the purest folklore; four voices, kick drums, guitars, charangos and percussion, like the most traditional formations ”, emphasized Iván.
Canto 4 has the virtue of taking the viewer on a magical journey that goes from the classics of the Argentine folk songbook to new compositions. The latter are increasingly being welcomed by the new generations, as well as getting into the “behind the scenes” of the group when it comes to arranging songs by other authors, or harmonizing their own compositions.
“It seems incredible that more than twenty years have passed since the beginning of the group. I remember that the first joy came with the Consagración en la Seranata a Cafayate 2003 award. The tour we made to the Spanish cities of Cádiz and Madrid was also very important, ”said Rodrigo.
Also unforgettable was the tour of Ecuador where they participated in an international festival, in the city of Quito, more precisely in the Plaza Independencia.
“More than 15,000 people gathered at the aforementioned event. We went up on stage after Víctor Heredia’s performance. They kept us on the tables for more than an hour and we had to return twice at the request of the crowd, ”Facundo said.
With Rodrigo’s temperament, Iván’s shyness, Juan’s patience and Facundo’s perseverance, the student’s concerns and mischief awakened the fate of four young people from Salta, who slowly but surely found wide recognition in the national folk circuit. .
“History began to weave at the Tommasini school, when we decided to undertake a musical dream, far from imagining that we would have an encouraging future. We were trained in the fifth year to participate in the festival ‘A star is born’. We got the first place, and that produced a change in our thinking. The following year we obtained first place in the Cafayate Pre Serenade, and we soon settled in Buenos Aires, looking for new horizons ”, Rodrigo declared.
Coexistence is not a secondary issue, but the boys knew how to carry out difficult moments, and it never crossed their minds to abandon ship, “I think it is a key point for any group, to share your life alongside other people, it is not easy at all. We have known each other since we were very young and that was a strong bet in our favor, we quickly know when one is not in a good mood, and together we try to maintain the union, “said Iván.
Canto 4 found the right complement to shine on the most important stages of the national folklore calendar and that there is still too much to do …

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