The Content Of The Free Time In The Middle Of Corona-Virus, Mesut Özil, Select Game Fortnite


INDOZONE.ID The presence of the outbreak of the corona virus does not only impact on the industry of video games, but sports games such as football are also interrupted, where a lot of the League had to be postponed for a while because of the virus.

Well, talking about football, one of the players of the football club Arsenal FC’s Mesut Ozil is currently in a quarantine time will be in the house for a few days, to maintain your health.

Known to fill his spare time at home, Mesut Özil play the game Fortnite as well as live-streaming on Twitch. Yes, Ozil is indeed known to be very like to play game Fortnite made Epic Games like that.

Sometimes even Özil Fortnite with players such as Sead Kolasinac and Julian Draxler play. In addition to their ability in the game, Fortnite is also not to be underestimated also, it should be!

Mesut Özil has been known to not do this, to fill his leisure time is home alone, but he also gives the news to the fans in the whole world that he is still healthy.

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