The controversial list of the best players in the world, according to Ronaldo


Ronaldo will be an important part of the Valladolid
Ronaldo will be an important part of the Valladolid

The word of Ronaldo Nazario it is one of the most respected within the environment of football because it is considered as one of the best strikers of all history and that is why many seek your opinion at the moment to talk about the most popular sport on the planet.

The brazilian spoke briefly with the Spanish site AS and left some definitions that make clear their tastes within the field. When asked about the players of today who enjoy to see, he did not hesitate: “Messi, of course. It is the number one, it is a talent that we are going to take 20 or 30 years to see something like that”.

The man who was world champion with his selection in the World Korea and Japan 2002 has always flattered to the argentine striker, winner of six Balls of Gold to the best footballer on the planet. It stressed, however, other names on your list: “I also like Salah, Hazard, Neymar, I love to watch him play, of course Mbappé…”.

The great absent was without a doubt the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo, maximum gunner from the history of Real Madrid and current figure of Juventus. A little over a month had been referred to the scorer luso in a live Instagram with and former Italian footballer Fabio Cannavaro:Must be annoying for a Christian to say that I am the real Ronaldo. The people can not be compared. Christian will remain in the history of football for the goals and for the continuity that has been achieved. Will remain as one of the best. He, like Messi, like other”.

Messi was chosen as the best according to Ronaldo (Reuters)

Messi was chosen as the best according to Ronaldo (Reuters)

On this occasion, also took the opportunity to highlight Kylian Mbappé, considered as the footballer more expensive on the world market: “He says a lot of people who look like me. It has lots of speed, finishes well, has great moves, hits excellent with the two two legs, has a stride length amazing… We have similar things, but I never liked comparisons, especially, between players of different generations, because the situations are different”.

Finally, the president of the Valladolid is enthusiastic with the return of The League of Spain after part of two months due to the pandemic coronavirus and ensured that the contest has nothing to envy to the English: “It is not clear that the Premier is better than our League. Perhaps in income from television, clubs receive more, but the best players are in Spain, or at least, the greater part”.


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