The controversial makeup model Irina Shayk wore at London Fashion Week

Irina Shayk is a paparazzi favorite as she returns to Cannes on Monday wearing Gucci.Arnold Jerocki/GC Images

Throughout 2023, Irina Shayk The gowns and outfits she has been seen wearing at some events have caused more than one scandal due to being too revealing.This is what happened cannes film festivalShayk appeared almost in his underwear, barely covered by a transparent cloak, which is what many media outlets believed “Taste very bad” For events like the famous film festival.

Irina generated a lot of buzz for appearing virtually in lingerie at Cannes (Photo by Dave Benett/Getty Images for Conde Nast)

Now in the middle of London Fashion Week, the model is once again sparking controversy, not for wearing less, but for wearing A make-up known as a mockery of domestic abuse.

Sheik opening act Movarora SS24 Wearing a silver dress with neon blue boots. Regardless, the outfit stands out for its excess of fabric, which is in stark contrast to what Irina fans are used to.However, what attracted all the media attention was that Irina She wore eye makeup and looked like she’d been hit.

Irina put makeup on her eyes to look like she’d been hit. (Grosby Group)

Irina’s fake bruises sparked outrage online, particularly from feminist groups who claimed Shayk’s makeup mocked the domestic violence suffered by millions of women around the world.

In addition to the black eye, Shayk also received some criticism for wearing a mask. The oversized T-shirt Tupac wore on the runwaywhich also caused outrage online because Rapper accused of sexual assault.

This won’t work.Using domestic violence or any type of violence to promote clothing. Wearing a T-shirt of a man convicted of sexual assault. Fake dark circles. Shame,” “Don’t glorify violence,” “What is this? Chic battered wife? but”, “I don’t like the glorification of sexual abuse.The following”, these are some of the comments that Irina has generated due to her unique look.

Online, Irina accused of “romanticizing” domestic violence” (Grosby Group)

So far, the model hasn’t made any comments about the inspiration behind her dark circles or what she wanted to represent, but if her only goal was to cause controversy, she definitely succeeded.

It is worth mentioning that another section that attracted much attention at this party was Kanye West and his new wife Bianca Csori attended. Shortly after Kanye ended his marriage to Kim Kardashian, several rumors surfaced that he and Shayk had begun an affair. The model has always been very reserved about her love life, but apparently, the idea of ​​being in a relationship with the rapper didn’t exactly please her, so she decided to speak out about it in an interview. High style.

In 2021, Irina Shayk and Kanye West were rumored to be in a relationship Photos © 2021 /The Grosby Group

“Tomorrow there will be rumors that I’m dating my goalkeeper, right? The day after tomorrow it’ll be someone else. Listen, there’s always something there and I keep it to myself. My grandmother was the second An agent in World War I. I think private life should be private“.

Although Shayk has received hate online for wearing makeup, her relationship with six-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady doesn’t appear to be as serious as it seems.According to sources Page six, Irina spends some quality time with Brady while she waits for relationship with actor Bradley CooperHe also has a six-year-old daughter and is once again thriving.

Amid romance rumors with Tom Brady, Irina Shayk is waiting for her relationship to flourish again with Bradley Cooper Photo © 2023 Splash News/The Grosby Group

Irina hopes that a wedding will finally take place between her and the protagonist a star is bornWell, according to the source “We have invested many years in this relationship.”

A few weeks ago, Irina revealed via her official Instagram account that she was enjoying traveling with Cooper, suggesting celebrities are giving themselves second chances.

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