The controversial romance of Adela Noriega that would have sent her to the asylum


The beautiful actress turns 51 amid rumors of alleged conflicts during the filming of the novel ‘Guadalupe’

A star in approximately 13 novels, Adela Noriega earned, with effort and talent, the affection of Mexican viewers thanks to her characteristic smile and the humility that she reflected in her characters.

In the 90’s and early 2000’s, the beautiful Mexican actress became the performer of the moment because every producer wanted her in their works.

But not only that, but Noriega also began to be besieged by the opposite sex thanks to her beauty and sympathy as a person. Who turns 51 today had several relationships with characters in the middle, but, according to rumors, one of these led her to live very dark times.

Apparently, Adela had a courtship with her partner in the novel “Guadalupe”, Eduardo Yáñez. It was around 1993 when these two histrions met, at that time, Noriega was 24 years old and Eduardo was around 34.

According to friends of both actors, and based on the El Heraldo news portal, neither of the two made their romance official. The only voice that corroborated the information was the producer of the work, Andrei Zinca, who affirmed that the relationship between these two started in a good way, but little by little it became more difficult.

And it is that according to what the director himself pointed out is that the birthday girl today exploded in such a way with Yáñez in the recordings that she began to worry the entire production. According to the source, the scriptwriter of the novel had to go to the extreme to prevent the outbursts of the famous actress from becoming older.

“Delia Fiallo put her in the madhouse, in a straitjacket,” said Zinca , about the position that the writer of the play should have taken.

For this reason, they made the decision to “kill” the character that Noriega starred in since he was no longer even in time to fulfill his call. “She understood and began to behave better,” stressed the producer.

Currently, Adela Noriega, now 51, has been away from the media for many years and even from any field that has to do with television, so there are many rumors that run around her unexpected retirement.