The Cordoba tattoo artist managed to have her operated after being rejected by many doctors

Dove apple tree he smiled again. In 2020 they detected a lymphoma in the jaw. She knocked on the doors of dozens of medical offices and all refused to operate on her due to the complexity of the surgery.

I was desperate and could no longer bear the pain. She was crying out for a specialist to risk taking her case and operating on her. “This is compressing my nerves and running my bones. It is hurting me ”, he had expressed in dialogue with The twelve.

After a year of fighting, The Cordoba tattoo artist was operated on. “After drawing so much energy, something fell from the sky. I am totally grateful, I was attended by a neurosurgeon doctor ”, detailed in Arriba Córdoba. And I add: “He was the only person who empathized and said: ‘I’ll operate on you'”.

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The young woman said that they removed a lymph node that was affecting her and an artery. He assured that both the operation and the recovery were a success. He thanked the collaboration and messages of encouragement from Cordoba and his family.

Paloma is calmer, but she does not forget the attitude of those doctors who closed the door in her face. “I’m going to personally take care of going to see each of those who screwed up with laughter”, he sentenced. “If I had not had the energy, if I did not lower my arms, I do not know if today I would be counting this,” he closed.

+ VIDEO: the testimony of the cordovan tattoo artist operated

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