The Corona-Virus, Facebook will Let employees to Work from home


VIVA – It is only the size of 0.06 µm, and the virus COVID-19, it turns out, have a great effect on technology companies. To work alongside Microsoft’s now the turn of Facebook, which allow employees to, from home.

How to prevent this from happening, that the risk of the spread of the virus, known under the name of Corona. A spokesman for Facebook, Chloe Meyere said, perusaahannya still have to pay the salaries of the employees affected by the Corona virus.

Not only that, the payment procedure will also be performed, if the employees are in a healthy condition, choose to work from home or home earlier, because it has the characteristics of origin Wuhan affected by the virus in China.

“We are working with our suppliers to ensure that we prioritize the health and safety of the team,” he said cited page Tech CrunchSunday , 8. March 2020.

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Earlier a technology is discovered, decided, company, demands, that employees work from home because of the plague. Some of them are Google, Lyft, and square, which is identified in the region of the cases as Washington and California.

In addition to Apple’s employee trip limit, after China, Italy and South Korea. Google also had to cancel the event, the developer conference Google I/O should be held next may.

The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, to be held to be cancelled had to the end of February also. The previous event, it should be confront a number of companies that withdrew, because Covid-19 such as ZTE and LG.