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the couple’s bodyguard tells EVERYTHING

Mark Behar, whoever it was former bodyguards of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Since they met on the set of ‘Mr and Mrs Smith’ he has revealed things that, although it may seem strange, we still did not know about the couple,

Behar worked with ‘Brangelina’ when rumors began to emerge about the possible romance between the actors, first, hired by Pitt and, later and by extension, hired by Jolie, who, in Behar’s words, “needed him.” As revealed by the personal guard, he was a participant from the beginning of the chemistry that existed between them: “You could see something was happening there.”

The bodyguard explained that the beginnings of the relationship were a real teenage game: “it was like passing grades at school […]. Neither of them wanted anything to be known but I, for me, thought: this is very cool”.

Behar says that he never intruded on the story between Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston (remember that, at that time, ‘Braniston’ He was a reality adored by many, and perhaps he has been one of the most beloved couples in Hollywood. However, Pitt did make the occasional confession to his bodyguard. The now 57-year-old actor revealed that things were not going well between them and that Angelina came into his life like a tornado. Isn’t it romantic?

Pitt and Aniston finally broke up in January 2005, although the divorce did not become effective until October of that same year. At that moment, the romance with Angelina was already taking off until culminating in their wedding, which took place in 2014, news that made their fans very, very happy.

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-Brad Pitt gets joint custody

Behar defines the couple as two great accomplices, at least for that time. He talks about Brad as a smart guy who always has a story to tell, someone charismatic that everyone likes. On the other hand, he defines Angelina as a quieter person, someone who does not force things and who, if she has nothing to say, does not say it.

Finally, Behar also made reference to the last stolen from Holie in which she could be seen entering (with a bottle of wine in hand) and leaving her first husband’s house, Jonny Lee Miller. “Hollywood stars like to stay within their circle, so many of them turn to their exes after a breakup,” explains Behar. Wait, does this sound like something to me? Oh yeah! Let’s not forget about the unexpected reconciliation between Ben Affeck and Jennifer Lopez. Could you expect a return of ‘Brangelina’?

But with everything and that, he talks about the ‘Brangelina’ as a couple of crazy lovers who lived “a perfect movie love”. We are left with that, with our ‘Brangelina’ who have given us such good times from Hollywood. Long live Mr. and Mrs. Smith! Because they stole our hearts.

Helen Hernandez is our best writer. Helen writes about social news and celebrity gossip. She loves watching movies since childhood. Email: Helen@oicanadian.com Phone : +1 281-333-2229

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