The Court of Justice promotes a protocol on Mental Health

In the San Martín Room of the Court of Justice of Catamarca, Minister Fernanda Rosales Andreotti met with references from the Ministries of Health, Social Development and Sports, Labor and Housing and authorities of the Violence Court, in order to combine criteria for the preparation of an Interdisciplinary Intervention Protocol for People with Mental Health Conditions. The main objective is to achieve concrete approaches with guarantees of rights.

Consulted by El Ancasti, the minister commented that the idea is to achieve an optimal implementation of National Law 26657 on Mental Health. Rosales Andreotti warned that currently there are problems with respect to the protection of people with mental health conditions. In this sense, he indicated that it is intended to address, among other issues, on treatment and involuntary or voluntary hospitalizations extended over time, with a view and guarantees of rights “and not only medical treatment.”

“It is not only medical care but also guaranteeing living in society with integrity, underpinning social inclusion, without discrimination,” he commented.

Minister Rosales Andreotti explained that the idea is to work in two stages. First, with the Family Courts, in relation to voluntary and involuntary hospitalizations. In another instance, with the Criminal Justice and the Juvenile Criminal Responsibility Court, in order to “reinforce paradigm shifts in the judicial operators and the Executive Power”.

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