The creepy story of Oliver Anthony, the bearded singer who appeared on your TikToks

Oliver Anthony is the author of the song Rich Men North of Richmond, which is currently number one on the US chart. Born in the 90s, started making music in 2021. There are references to the QAnon conspiracy theory in his lyrics.

Song Rich men north of Richmond From Oliver Anthony debuted at number one on the US Billboard Hot 100. Above Taylor Swift, Above Due Lipa, Above Remix Barbie World Nicki Minaj. He did this thanks to social media, including YouTube and TikTok, which guaranteed Oliver Anthony hitherto unheard of virality, even for music.

He is the first artist to debut at number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 without ever appearing on that chart. He has no record companies behind him, he had no fans, and it’s not even clear if he has a strategy. But now he has an audience. Support that crosses the United States. Rich men north of Richmond this is a song whose lyrics can be defined by two adjectives: anti-system AND conspiracy theorist.

Text by Rich People North of Richmond

It is an anti-system because it talks about blue collar discomfort, this category is used in the United States to refer to people engaged in manual labor, from factory workers to lumberjacks. Anxiety, which manifests itself precisely against the “gentlemen of the rich.” The lyrics read: “I sold my soul / To work all day / Overtime / For a damn paycheck.” Original lyrics: “Well, I sold my soul / Working all day / Overtime / For rubbish pay.”

This dog is identical to Snoopy, but the history of his crossbreeding is disturbing.

It’s still. There are accusations against the tribal elite: “They just want to control everything / They want to know what you think / They want to know what you are doing.” Original lyrics: “I just want to have total control/I want to know what you think/I want to know what you’re doing.” However, there are other things among the primates of Oliver Anthony.

He is very likely the first singer to hit number one on the Billboard Hot 100 since text related to QAnon theoriesa complex system of conspiracies, according to which the plots of the world are controlled group of billionaires pedophiles and satanists. Members of this group facilitated and led the riots on Capitol Hill that January 6, 2021 they forced hundreds of people to occupy the United States Capitol.

BILLBOARDS |  Anthony Oliver Tops the Billboard Chart

BILLBOARDS | Anthony Oliver Tops the Billboard Chart

In the text Rich men north of Richmond reads: “I wish the politicians would take care of the miners / Not just minors on some island.” Original text: “I wish politicians / Look after the miners / And not just minors on some island.” The minors he talks about are the ones he bullied billionaire Jeffrey Epsteinwho committed suicide in prison on August 10, 2019.

Epstein was convicted of sexual abuse and child traffickingThese victims also passed through his private island in the Virgin Islands. The story of Epstein, a billionaire and close to such prominent people as Andrea Mountbatten-Windsor (brother of King Charles III), is often cited in QAnon theories as evidence of an international network of billionaires linked by pedophilia.

Videos of various conspiracy theories are also featured in one of the Playlists created by Oliver Anthony on your YouTube channel. Among them there are also theories about attacks11 September. He wrote Mike Rothschildconspiracy expert: “If you’re so involved in the world of conspiracies that you inserted a reference to Epstein’s Island in a song you wrote, then it’s likely not the only theory you believe in.”

TIKTOK |  Anthony Oliver owes his success primarily to social networks.

TIKTOK | Anthony Oliver owes his success primarily to social networks.

Who was Oliver Anthony before success

Not much is known about him. He was born in the early 90s, worked in a factory in North Carolina and now lives in the mountains of Virginia. He would like to become a rancher. His real name Christopher Anthony Lunsford. He started writing songs in 2021 after a series of mental health issues: “I wrote the music I wrote because I suffered from mental health and depression. No editing, no agents, no bullshit. Just an idiot and his guitar.”

Until success is achieved Rich men north of Richmond he lived in a van bought for $750. It is unclear what will become of him and his music. At the moment, there are reconstructions according to which Oliver Anthony could turned down million dollar contracts from labels that wanted to release his full length album.

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