The crisis at Newell’s added the tenth loss | Before the last of the table, Taffarel’s team fell 3 to 1

Newell’s year does not give a rest, not even when at home he had managed to win two consecutive games. In Sarandí, Lepra lost by a landslide. The rival, last in the table, beat a red and black without a collective game and who almost managed to reverse the score for 20 spectacular minutes by Ignaccio Scocco. The goal scorer in the park tied it but Macagno failed to look for a center and defeat, tenth in the championship, was inevitable.

The victories that Newell’s had found against Independiente and Unión had not stripped the team of any of the weaknesses that make it vulnerable to any rival, even the bottom of the table. For this reason the defeat with Arsenal did not generate surprise but more frustration. The new fall found reasons in defensive blunders and in a bad first half. But he was close to reversing the score because in the complement the rojinegro came out to play in the rival field and for 20 minutes Ignacio Scocco was unstoppable.

Arsenal was the only protagonist of the game in the first half. The local team dominated the ball and minimized the offensive game of the lepers. But that’s not why Arsenal brought danger to the area. A long-distance shot from Francisco González, which Medina easily deflected, was all Newell’s did in attack. The creative midfielders could not advance with the ball, mainly Pablo Pérez, and González also did not gravitate in individual runs. The situation worsened when a sequence of defensive mistakes, with three heads out of the area by Arsenal players and imperfect rejections from Canale and Jacob, left Antilef in front of the goal and defined before the departure of Macagno.

The leper technician Adrián Taffarel.

Newell’s response came in the second half. And it was thanks to the inspiration of Scocco, who in 20 minutes did what he wanted. After a goal was not validated due to a minimum position in advance, he scored the equalizer with a great punch when he stepped on the small area on the run and after receiving a pass from Garro. Newell’s, excited by the level of their scorer, was close to reversing the score. In another great play, Scocco, in front of the goal, defined with an open foot just deflected by the right post. Taffarel did not get Maxi Rodríguez and made the Funez boy debut. Later he opted for more boys, like Balzi and Bravo. None of that changed the face of the team once Scocco stopped having prominence.

The game became even and the defeat came with a bad start from Macagno, who failed to seek a very long center and Sepúlveda, with a head, scored with a free goal. Newell’s gave up and was beaten as Farioli scored the third on a free-kick to the corner.

3 Arsenal












DT: Israel Damonte

1 Newell’s








Pablo perez




DT: Adrián Taffarel

Goals: PT: 31m Antilef (A). ST: 8m Scocco (N), 35m Sepúlveda (A) and 45m Farioli (A).

Changes: ST: 11m Viveros by Kruspzky (A) and Funez by Comba (N), 25m Farioli by Antilef (A), 30m Balzi by Pablo Pérez (N), Bravo by Garro (N), Miloc by Suso (A) and Suárez for Navas (A) and 45m Escobar for Jacob (N)

Referee: Andrés Merlos

Court: Arsenal

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