The crisis of coronavirus could be extended until September: Lopez-Gatell


The assistant secretary for Health, Hugo Lopez-Gatellannounced that the epidemic of coronavirus could be extended to until August or September, so it is necessary to comply with the recommendations of healthy distance and of stay at home.

Interviewed coming out of the meeting of the General Health Council, explained that today at 19:00 hours, at the technical conference of health, adjustments will be made to the national plan to counter this pandemic.

Necessary to reduce contagion.

The official added that, even when it is fulfilling the original plan, it is necessary to reduce the amount of infectionsso that when you get to phase three of the contingency you can attend to all the sick, because otherwise there will be the ability to help the positive Covid-19.

He added that one of the ideas is to manage the irrigation to lengthen it, that is to say, it is necessary that you not pass at the same time, therefore it is suitable to extend until the month of August or September, the attention of cases.

What we’re going to announce (today in the afternoon-night) are a few modifications; we will report details of the conversion of hospital and adaptations to make more effective the healthy distance, exposed.

By Francisco Nieto


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