The cuban Yennis made her debut as the Queen of the Song


Your bed pa’ my bed emerged in the show. Each one of the six finalists gave us a simple to defendiéramos and we were super happy because I was going to be ours, but we never knew that we had to burn it to a time in the study. We gave the song an hour before. It was a challenge to total and unqualified to make that simple”, he told Yennis Bencosme to DIARIO LAS AMERICAS.

“And I was super scared because I had never entered a study of graduation. Thank God everything went well, we recorded it, I won the show, then out of the program what regrabamos with a lot more time and we made the music video”, he added. The video clip was recorded in Miami.

For the fledgling artist, 20 years, have won the competition head-hunter means the realization of a great dream after several failed attempts at other auditions.

“Before the Queen of Song had gone to another program I Have Talent and I was eliminated in voting. After audicioné in The Voice of Telemundo and even came to the auditions blind, or not even left in television,” he said.

“For me, it has been the greatest thing in the world. Is what I’ve always dreamed of, that is to make music and I’m earning the admiration of many people”, he added.

Since your home island Yennis knew how those programs where it seeks the next star of Latin music. And shortly after I arrived to Miami, where he lives three years ago, he decided to try his luck even questioning if it would be accepted by not speaking the language, or for a beginner.

“From Cuba, he saw the talent programs as well as The Voice and saw the show and I said I do not have opportunity because they do not know how to speak English very well. He carried just two years in this country, there were girls with an incredible experience that they knew of music, which had long been singing and I was new. I’ve never studied music, but I aventé and I went to the auditions and see what that was”, he recalled.

Your step-by-Queen of Song

Of that time as a contestant, he learned to give the best of themselves, to be patient and to live in the middle of a competition in the final stage sparked some rivalries.

“The show left me a learning curve very large. Taught Me to be much stronger, to focus more, to realize that, with effort, everything can be achieved. I learned to listen to all the tips and use them, to take a deep breath sometimes, to take the coexistence, because I had never lived with so many girls. It was a healthy competition and clear, that I learned a lot of values,” he said.

“In the beginning, all we super good, nothing had happened. I felt a little more rivalry to the end, since when were little girls. It is clear that we all wanted to win. Since the stress was very strong, but thank God we didn’t get to any discussion, we were always together. Today we are still, although each is in their homes working a lot, we continue to support”, he added.

Born in the city of Bayamo, in Granma province, eastern Cuba, to Yennis Bencosme he would have liked to devote himself to music since he arrived in Miami, but had to cope with the weight of school and two jobs to help his mother to bring up her family.

“I got 17 years to work hard, to help my mom and my grandmother. We went through many things. I wanted to work in music, but it was tough for me. I was cleaning up because my mom was sick and could not work. I had to work two jobs and study, but I had to set aside a little school, because the most important thing at that moment was to be able to keep us, my brother, who is a minor, my mom, my grandmother and me. I also had to help my dad in Cuba. That separation has been very strong, I hope to have you soon with me,” he recalled.

Walking forward

In these times of quarantine, five months having won the contest, the young do not want to be forgotten and he works on his upcoming songs to the expectation of being able to record another video clip. But, without a doubt, the effect of the pandemic has slowed down the pace of the work since those days on the set of the program.

“I’m working on getting a simple loose. Have already spent about five months and it is difficult for me because being in the program all happened very fast, things were done in a week. And now with the pandemic is difficult because people forget. Thank God we are working a lot on the social networks, we took the music video of the theme and already recorded two more tracks. So I hope that when all this is over, we can get another simple one, with a new rhythm and the music video,” he said.

With the look put in the future, Yennis knows what she wants and knows they still need a long way to go.

“I want to be super famous, that I know all over the world, I want to be as Natti Natasha, Karol G or Becky G, because I admire, I love. I want to travel and see the world. I want to take my music to all parts, having a disk and that my dad is here,” he revealed.

“I never thought that was going to be the Queen of the Song. I entered the competition just to see what happened, without any experience. And then I was taking confidence with the audience and the judges, I was losing the grief, I struggled enough to be able to reach where I am. And I know I’m missing a lot more because it is something that I am very clear: I want to work to be able to earn the place they deserve among the artists”.