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The curious theory behind the names of Jennifer López’s children

Jennifer Lopez in 2008 she gave birth to twins Maximilian David and Emme Maribel, on Long Island, New York. The twins were presented on March 11 of the same year, by People magazine. In a photograph that became the most expensive of famous ever taken.

Before the birth of the twins, a mystery that surrounded all the fans of the singer and her husband, at that time Marc Anthony, It was him name that their children would wearWould it be something traditional or highly unusual?

Emme and Maximilian appear to be simple names, but there is one theory about its origin.

Are Jennifer Lopez’s children named after animated cartoons?

In March 2008, the American website TMZ, suggested that Emme and Max possibly will bear the name of two cartoon characters from the PBS Kids channel “Dragon Tales”.

Jennifer Lopez
Credits: Capture

Do you remember it? an animated series from the year 99 that aired until 2005 and was about two brothers that were transported to a magical world inhabited by talking dragons.

In the animated monkeys were Emmy and her younger brother Max, the protagonists, who live in a 2-story house. In it, they discover that by saying: I dream and wish with all my heart, to go to a distant land flying on a dragon! The dragons on the wall revolve around Max and Emmy to be transported to the land of dragons.

Well all this is just a theoryBut the fact that hundreds of parents named their daughters Khaleesi in 2018 shows that some have a fanaticism for the link between fictional characters and spitting fires.

What is true is that Jennifer Lopez never revealed the inspiration for the first names of his twins.

Sometimes it is pure coincidence that the descendants of celebrities share their names with animated characters, or is it?

Jennifer Lopez Children
Credits: Capture

Meet Emme and Max

JLO frequently shares content on its YouTube channel, in 2019 uploaded the video “Twin Talk: LOVE with Emme and Max.” In the video, the twins, who were already bordering the 11 years, they interview their mother asking different questions.

Emme asked her how she felt when she found out she was pregnant with twins, and Lopez recalled feeling a “flutter” in her stomach that made her suspect she was pregnant.

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Then JLO narrated the ultrasound to his children saying, “The doctor says, ‘See that? That little grain of rice? That’s the baby, ‘Lopez said. “And then he says, ‘Do you see this other little grain of rice around here? That’s the other baby, ‘and I said, What! ”.

Here we leave you the complete video of Jennifer López’s children.

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