“The Danish girl was a mistake.” Eddie Redmayne regrets playing a transsexual woman

The race of Eddie redmayne she was going through her prime when ‘The Danish Girl’ was released, for which she got her second — and for now last — Oscar nomination. Already then there was some controversy for playing Lili Elbe, considered the first transsexual woman known, and now the actor admits that he regrets having done it.

“I made that movie with the best of intentions”

It was in an interview with The Times where the Oscar winner for ‘The Theory of Everything’ has confessed that today he would not accept the role, pointing out the reasons for having changed your mind about it:

The most undeserved Oscars

I wouldn’t accept it now. I made that movie with the best of intentions, but I think it was a mistake. The biggest discussion about the frustrations about it is because many people do not have a chair at the table. There must be a balance, otherwise we will continue to have these discussions.

It is clear that he refers to the fact that representation matters and there are groups that have been systematically ignored. There will be those who may see it as something irrelevant, but the most certain thing is that because it is not affected at all by this lack of representation and simply considers any effort to solve it as forced. After all, there was nothing wrong with that person, but the point is, there was.

Little by little steps are being taken to solve it, because even in Marvel they are breaking with years of resistance to do it in a decisive way. Resistance from a certain section of the public may affect the uptake of certain titles, but it is inevitable and desirable. Yes please that a film is very inclusive does not equal that it is goodLet’s not forget about that either.

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