The daughter of Alexandra Lamy in a bikini, the audience in the spell of


The daughter of Alexandra Lamy, Chloé Jouannet, grown good ! In fact, the young woman at the age of 22 years, a pose on Instagram in a bikini neon green. She is gorgeous!!!

For the past several weeks, the French benefit from a blue sky and a radiant sun. Even if it is not possible to get out of the home, the residents are still, suns to suns, at most, that you have a balcony, a terrace, a garden or not.

Who says, “tan”, says swimsuit !

Chloe Jouannet has understood this also ! The daughter of the actress Alexandra Lamy and actor Thomas Jouannet has just surprised a photo of her on Instagram a lot. In fact, she is posing in a bikini neon green lay on its side in the grass, accompanied by a dog in the garden. In the caption of the images, which was published a few months ago of 24 hours, he wrote with a sense of humour :

I’m going to mow the lawn 🔫

This image has fascinated the surfers that are more than the consequences of 184 000. Well, the niece of Audrey Lamy collected more than 20 000 ‘like’ and hundreds of comments. Its subscribers, delighted by the publication, have him know in the comments, that she was beautiful, but especially that detail in the photo was very funny :

“Ooooh my god 😍”, “Whaouuuuu “, “beautiful”, “beauty”, “Perfect “Look at the dog, he looks at, what, in your opinion ? 🤣🤣🤣😂”, “Beauty ♥ love it.”, “The head of the dog😂😂😂” or “Aah, that c is good for the spring”.

You understand that, dog, is installed in the case of the young woman has a lot of laughter to the internet users.

I have to say that Chloé Jouannet need to recover. In fact, the young actress, the-year-old, 22 -, shows a lot of movies and series.

First, it appears in the series of TF1 “infidels”, in which she plays the role of the young lover is the father of a family. His talent as a actress, and was hailed by the spectators, and especially for his role in the film by Kery James, “commuters”.

They are also found in the movie “Never without you, Luna” and the series “Derby Girl” on the platform of France télévision, Slash.

You will find the publication of Chloé Jouannet in the video directly on the article !