The daughter of Heidi Klum wants to follow in his footsteps in the world of fashion


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The model Heidi Klum is still confined to his home in Los Angeles with her husband, the musician Tom Kaulitz, in order to contribute to the necessary measures of social isolation which sooner or later will flatten the curve of infections to the dreaded coronavirus.

And now that you have more free time on their hands than usual, also a presenter has given a revealing interview to People to reflect, among other things, about the professional future of their offspring.

The star of the catwalks, the mother of four children, has revealed that the only one of their offspring that could be encouraged to follow their steps in the world of fashion is already a teenager, Leni, who at 15 years seems to be very clear that will be the successor natural of his stunning mother in such a competitive industry. “The only time you want to follow my example is the greatest,” he assured.

“I’ve never wanted to force my children in that sense, allow themselves to discover their vocation. But she was very fast, one day he said to me: ‘Come, take a hand, let me take up the baton’. We are talking about a very tough business, a lot has changed over the years. It has nothing to do with how it was when I started in 1992,” added the German, mother of Henry (15), Johan (13) and Lou (10), in the same conversation.

The judge of programs talent as ‘Project Runway’ or ‘American Idol’ has also been opened up on the way in which he used to combine his appearances on television with the pregnancies, or in his absence the period of breastfeeding, their four offspring: a work that required her to take the hand of your “creativity” in all senses, included in that of the dress.

“I was always pregnant when we were making ‘Project Runway’, or at least giving the chest… Had to be very creative in those moments, especially because at that time there was not much clothing to moms that was sufficiently interesting and eye-catching for the tv”, has recognized the model of 46 years.

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