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Jennifer Lynn López better known as Jennifer López, is a very talented artist born in Castle Hill, New York, United States, she is a singer, actress, songwriter, dancer, businesswoman, choreographer, perfumer among other qualities that make this great unique and unmatched woman.

Jennifer Lopez or J.Lo As her friends call her, she was not always rich and famous, she had to work very hard to be in the place where she is today, since she started working at the age of ten in a beauty salon, then in a store and with his dismissal he saw his artistic career as a means of subsistence and subsequently had great success.

J.Lo has been a great ambassador in the fight for the rights of children and women at the UN, has always been in favor of Latinos, has invested resources in school lunch for children in poverty, always shows receptive to donations in favor of those most in need in the event of a disaster, she has participated in charities for the musical community, among other social work that many media do not highlight.

Despite the great talent and heart that this great woman has, I find it disappointing that they pay more attention to her romances than to her other actions, when there are so many topics to discuss about her, that instead of magnifying her, in a very macho way and contemptuous, many media seek to tarnish her brilliant career, which has achieved feats that very few people have been able to achieve in a world where the mere fact of being born a woman closes many doors and allows human rights to be violated.

Jennifer López is a free woman and knows very well what she wants and deserves, that is why she does not delay in showing her disagreements in a relationship and if it does not work, she simply continues with her life as we all should. It saddens me to see women use inappropriate language against her for the simple fact of being a brave woman and stepping out of the canons imposed by a macho society where women cannot have more than one boyfriend in their life or must “mourn” one relationship.

I find it aberrant to see that in a world of men and women, only women are told the boyfriends they have had, when that is not the case, is having more than one partner is related to the talent, great intelligence and beauty that they have? this woman? Does society need to show these events to minimize so much work and effort?

Personally, I see Jennifer as an example to follow, a woman who has come very far and who does not need a man to continue advancing, no woman is forced to stay where she does not want or should just because society does so. demands, each human being is responsible for their own happiness.

Quite contrary to what they say, J.Lo is a very successful, admirable, beautiful, human, intelligent and versatile woman, in short, a woman, that is what we must highlight, and what happens in her bedroom does not concern us in the absolute, which calls us to a reflection on respect for privacy.

Hopefully the day will come when the media change their tabloid headlines that invite a society of discrimination and mistreatment of women and promote an environment of equality, where women in the artistic media are not only recognized by their lovers, knowingly that free privacy and its full enjoyment is a universal right, as a woman I want our gender to be recognized for its talent, achievements and social work, so we would have a more just society.

Helen Hernandez is our best writer. Helen writes about social news and celebrity gossip. She loves watching movies since childhood. Email: [email protected] Phone : +1 281-333-2229

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