The day Ines Gomez Monte proposed to Tom Brady during a press conference

Ines Gomez Monte In 2021, she and her husband Víctor Manuel Álvarez Puga were accused of corruption and money laundering, sparking the entire case surrounding the TV host; however, Despite scandal, his fans still remember Some curious moments of celebrities Spread all over the world.

one of the most memorable anecdotes Ines Gomez Monte It happened in 2008, when she proposed to Tom Brady dressed as a bride at a press conference. The footballer’s response, while polite, quickly went viral.

Criticism of Gomez Monte is not waitingMany thought the journalist’s bold behavior at the time was unseemly, while others simply celebrated the event. At TVyNovelas, we remember that curious moment that went viral on the internet and on television.

The day Inés GÓmez Mont dressed up as a bride to propose to Tom Brady

That day, Inés Gómez Mont appeared at the press conference before Super Bowl XLII Dress up as a bride and wear a special T-shirt to express your love for Tom Brady, Playing for the New England Patriots at the time.

Reporter’s fancy dress caught Brady’s attention, who ceded the floor to the brave woman Who’s in the press room. Ines didn’t waste time asking the athlete about the Super Bowl, but instead asked him the big question:

“Brady, I love you.”shout Ines Gomez. “Please marry me.” The driver introduced himself and insisted: “Marry me, I am the real Mrs. Brady.”

Tom Brady’s epic response to Ines Gomez-Mont

Tom Brady’s response was epic yet polite: “No, I am a one woman man, but you are beautiful and anyone who marries you will be a lucky man.“.

The curious chat quickly went viral and soon gained even greater attention after it was aired on Azteca TV with Spanish subtitles.

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