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The day Kendall Jenner tried to imitate Audrey Hepburn and Billi Eillish to imitate Marilyn

The jewel dress worn by Kendall Jenner had been designed by the house Givenchy. It could not be otherwise if it was about teleporting us to the magic of one of Hollywood’s most beloved actresses, Audrey Hepburn. Mermaid cut, transparent and leaving her shoulders exposed, the American model and businesswoman slipped down the “red carpet” with a design that took your breath away. On a beige background, fringes of stone run through the Victoria’s Secret body in an ode to femininity. A necklace of crystals around her neck that became the key to glimpse the delicate and elegant Audrey in My fair lady.

Kendall Jenner's look demanded

Kendall Jenner’s look demands an almost ethereal simplicity in makeup. Flawless skin, eyes outlined in black with white shadow and, for the lips, a captivating soft pink. Make-up artist Mary Phillips took care of it.@givenchyofficial

The dress designed

The dress designed by Givenchy for Kendall Jenner was reminiscent of the design worn by Audrey Hepburn in the movie My Fair Lady.


But if Jenner left behind a halo of sublime elegance that always accompanied Audrey Hepburn, the appearance of an unrecognizable Billie Eilish It was unparalleled. At 19, The singer made her debut at the Gala under the wake of two great stars of American cinema: Marilyn Monrroe and Grace Kelly. Apparently the “new Madonna” had always dreamed of dressing like this. And to make his dream come true, he chose an Oscar de la Renta who also announced the end of the use of animal skins in their designs. The result: a sheer dress made of tulle and chiffon in nude tones. With a tight corset and a deep neckline that left the shoulders exposed, the most striking thing about the design was its tail, which was almost five meters long.. So far from the effortless and brand-name style of the Californian that it was hard to recognize her in the skin of the actress of Whit skirts and being crazy. Curiosity was in his hands: more than thirty pieces of the house Cartier, of which twenty-five were rings, the most jewels a star has ever worn on the red carpet.

With 19 years

At the age of 19, the singer made her debut at the Gala in the wake of two great stars of American cinema: Marilyn Monrroe and Grace Kelly.@billieeilish

With her eyes made up in black, a slight blush on her lips.

With her eyes made up in black, a light blush on her cheekbones and burgundy lips and a ‘Marilyn cut’, Billie Eilish finished off a magical and unforgettable look that will go down in history for having been the one that has worn the most jewelry on the red carpet: more than thirty of Cartier, of which 25 were rings.@billieeilish

Billie Eilish's dress, designed

The Billie Eilish dress, designed by Oscar de la Renta, evoked the preferred cut of Marilyn Monroe dresses, as well as one of the colors that gave the movie star the most sensuality in her films.Gtres

But in Billie Eilish's dress too

But Billie Eilish’s dress also survives one of Grace Kelly’s iconic designs in the film Catch a Thief.

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