The day Kim Kardashian sold $ 10 million with a perfume

Kim managed to get business out of a bad time in her life

Kim Kardashian is one of the most famous women in the art world and an incredible businesswoman. Not only has her makeup line been enough for her, but the famous Kardashian has also wanted to grow more with other products, for example, the perfume that she launched in 2017 under her signature “Kim Kardashian Fragrances”  and with which she made millions in one day.

And it is that the socialite in just 24 hours managed to sell $ 10 million dollars. It released 3 different scents “Crystal Gardenia”, “Crystal Gardenia Oud” and “Crystal Gardenia Citrus”, but why was this fragrance so special? Well, because according to her with this aroma she calmed her stress after the robbery she suffered in Paris.

The brand only produced 300,000 bottles originally, which had been carefully designed by the same businesswoman. The perfume was inspired by healing crystals to calm the nerves and had scents like wood, flowers, and citrus.

Apparently, the campaign she launched to promote her product paid off and everyone wanted to try what the scent Kim used to calm herself was like after the terrible incident that kept her away from social media.

While not all the Kardashians’ businesses have succeeded, the truth is that Kim knows very well what her audience likes and has currently managed to increase her fortune with her businesses.


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