The day that Bilardo rejected Garrafa Sánchez in Boca for riding a motorcycle

16 years have passed since the physical loss of the historical idol of Banfield and Laferrere, which was erased by the Doctor in one of the xeneizes tests due to the type of vehicle he used to train.

Sanchez Carafe

The calendars go by and every January 8 is a direct dagger to the soul of Argentine football. 16 years have passed since the fateful outcome of Jose Luis Sanchez, Carafe for everyone, who died after starring in a fatal fall on his motorcycle, the same that had been the reason why Carlos Bilardo rejected it in the tests of Mouth.

At the beginning of 2005, a handful of months before the tragedy, the historic midfielder recalled the extra-football event that took him away from the Xeneize: “I was training for a while with the Boca squad, when the coach was Bilardo. I felt I had the chance to stay and at first, things with the DT looked very good, but from one day to the next they told me no it was going to be taken into account. I don’t think it was for football reasons. “

Garrafa, who by then had already left an unfathomable mark on Banfield and Laferrere (both stadiums have a rostrum with his name on it), said that the Narigón He erased it from the vehicle he used to go to training. And revealed an incredible anecdote: “It turns out that I was riding a motorcycle to practice. At that time, Boca was training in Ezeiza, and from Laferrere I had no other way to get there than on my motorcycle (a CBR 600). As I had been warned that I could not to get down with the motorcycle, I arrived very early, before everyone else, and left it hidden. One day I was late, and on the way I ran into Bilardo and Pumpido … “.

Sanchez Carafe

That episode at sheer speed was the end of his blue and gold dream. Three days later, Bilardo sent word through Pumpido that he would not be taken into account. “I was very young and handled myself with that spontaneity. I was riding a motorcycle because I had a motorcycle. The feeling I was left with is that, if it was because of my conditions, I would have been able to play quietly in Boca”Sánchez, who later lost his life as a result of an accident while doing pirouettes on his motorcycle, was honest.

He was barely 31 years old. A career and a life ahead. “A cute madman”, described by several of his classmates with whom he shared a campus in the Ascent. Today is the legend of the paddock. Tribune, statue, song and documentary. The memory of the mischief that no longer abounds in football here.

Sanchez Carafe

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