The day that Gigi Hadid has rejected the proposal of marriage to Zayn Malik


UNITED KINGDOM.- In the year of 2016, the singer Zayn Malik and model Gigi Hadid had an affair enviable, they looked happy together and it seemed that soon they would give the big step.

Sources close to the couple claimed that, in that year, Malik asked Hadid to marry him, however, she rejected it, though their romance continued on foot.

But What made Gigi decided to ‘bat’ to Zayn?

In 2013, the native of Bradford, who at that time was barely 20 years old, had a strong relationship with singer Perrie Edwards, a member of the grouping girls “Little Mix”.

In that same year, Edwards confirmed the pose with a gorgeous diamond ring that would contract marriage with Malik, however, in 2015, cancelled their plans and finalized their relationship.

One of the biggest mistakes that fans of the singer did know, was that during his relationship with Perrie, he made a tattoo on the arm with the face of it, which years later he had to cover with another tattoo.

In addition, the former member of One Direction had been marked permanently by the lips of the british in his chest, which still retains.

Rumors indicated that this was the reason why the us model didn’t want to marry Zayn, because he said that it is a very impulsive and both needed to move slow in their relationship to be very young to marry.

At the end of February of 2020, Hadid confirmed that after the end of their relationship several times Malik had resumed their romance, without giving more details of the subject it is known that the couple is happy.

For its part, Perrie maintains a loving relationship with the british footballer Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.

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