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The Ministry of Health issued a statement on the new measures used by the province of Jujuy regarding the corresponding isolation for positive cases of Covid-19 and also for close contacts.

This provision that the Health quarry put into consideration with all the hospitals in the province, the SAME, the CAPS and other institutions, was carried out through a consensus of the table of specialists.

Positive cases confirmed with full vaccination schedule: they should be isolated for five days. Then they will have another five days of care, with the proper use of masks and should not attend mass or social events.

It should be noted that this measure should be subject to the clinical evaluation of the patient and medical judgment in case they have presented symptoms.

Confirmed cases with incomplete vaccination schedule or without vaccines: they must be isolated for ten days.


The Ministry of Health provided new provisions on isolation in Jujuy.

The Ministry of Health provided new provisions on isolation in Jujuy.

Close contacts

Asymptomatic close cohabitant contact with complete vaccination schedule: it’s 5 days of isolation. On the 5th you must take the test to return to your work activity.

If the result is negative, the isolation ends, he returns to work on day 6. But if the result is positive, he continues with the isolation for five more days. He returns to his normal activity on day 11, without having to take the test.

Asymptomatic close cohabitation contact with incomplete vaccination schedule or without any vaccine: must be isolated 7 days. He requires a rapid test on the last day of isolation and if the result is negative on the eighth day, he can return to his work activity. If the result is positive, you must wait 5 more days.

Finally, the Ministry of Health clarified that these measures are transitory and are related to the current epidemiological situation in the province of Jujuy and will be reviewed and modified according to its evolution.

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