The days of the fight against viral hepatitis continue ::

In the framework of World Viral Hepatitis Day, a day of talks and tests was held.

The event featured an informative presentation by hepatologist Cecilia Bellusci on the importance of spreading the word about viral hepatitis. In addition, we provided medical advice to those present and tested 24 neighbors, one of whom tested positive. The initiative is led by the Geselina Association for Transplantation and Viral Hepatitis, chaired by María Gelbez and Miguel Cacheiro, with the participation of Mayor Gustavo Barrera, Minister of Health Miguel Angel Muñoz, councilors and professionals.

It is worth noting that since 2014, the agency has carried out free testing in Villa Gesell and in different cities and is responsible for disseminating to the community everything about the prevention of hepatitis. The World Health Organization reports that there are 67,000 new cases of hepatitis C virus infection in the Americas each year, totaling 84,000 deaths. Only 18 percent of hepatitis B cases are diagnosed with the infection, and only 3 percent receive treatment. As far as hepatitis C is concerned, only 22% of people are diagnosed and of these, only 18% are treated. Therefore, it is very important to control accordingly.

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