The deaths by COVID-19 are duplicated in three days: add up to 125


The other measures against the coronavirus

The court of the progress of the epidemic in the country is given after the president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador to present its measures to cope with the economic impact for the COVID-19 and that were heavily criticized by think thanks, economists, politicians and the business sector.

The measures are focused on social programs, credits and government megaprojects priority of the government lopezobradorista, as is the case of the Train and Maya the refinery in Dos Bocas and in which he dismissed the support of the great entrepreneurs of the country who have requested fiscal stimulus.

The president defended Monday his economic plan and said that the coronavirus has precipitated the collapse of the neoliberal model in the world, so that, despite the criticisms, it will not take measures that have been implemented by other governments to tackle the crisis caused by the pandemic COVID-19.

“Soon you are going to revive the economy, is a new model, we cannot continue with the same thing because it would, among other things, an absurdity. The coronavirus what precipitated it was the collapse of the neoliberal model in the world, that no longer works, is another reality, that we mentioned, we already knew”, he stressed.

Hours after these statements, hosted members of the Mexican Council of Business (MNCS). This is the second encounter that supports the holder of the Executive with business leaders. Last Thursday, met for five hours with the president of the Business Coordinating Council, Carlos Salazar; the president of the Association of Banks of Mexico, Luis Niño de Rivera; the president of the Mexican Council of Business Antonio del Valle, and of the Concamin, Francisco Cervantes.

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