The deaths, cases of positive, suspicious and negative of Covid-19 by federative entity in Mexico


The cases of coronavirus in Mexico do not cease and, on the contrary, have been on the rise the positive by Covid-19. According to the official report most recent of the Secretariat of Health of the government of Mexico, offered at 19:00 hours this Thursday, the deaths totaled 194 in the Mexican Republic, with an increase of 20 new deathswith respect to the prior registration published 24 hours before.

In terms of the infections confirmedthe number rose in a 8% between Wednesday and today, corresponding to 260 new casesfor a total 3,441 infections. Cases suspects add 10,105with an increase of 10% with regard to the report of the day before, with 917 suspicions new.

The Mexico city is the entity federal that most suffers by the outbreak coronavirus, due to its high population densityas has been reported in every conference official Hugo Lopez-Gatell, undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion.

In the capital the country have killed 43 people because of contracting the novel coronavirus. The infections amount to 909 confirmed cases and we have 2,185 suspicions by COVID-19.

The states surrounding Mexico City are the most affected. The State of Mexico recorded 399 cases and 11 deaths, Puebla suffers 198 cases positive and 10 losses fatalwhile Morelos records seven deaths and 35 cases confirmed.

Jalisco records 139 cases of coronavirus by eight people killedwith Guadalajara and its area conurbated as your most alert. Similar situation happens in New Lionwith 107 infections and five deathswith Monterrey and adjacent municipalities as major concerns.

Are 28 the entities states that have registered at least one death by coronaviruses. Sinaloa has 15 deaths; Quintana Roo 12; Tabasco 9; Coahuila 7; same number as that recorded Hidalgo and Morelos; Guerrero and Michoacán report 5; Sonora, San Luis Potosi and Durango 4; Yucatan, Veracruz, Tamaulipas and Nayarit 3; Baja California Sur, Querétaro and Zacatecas 2; while Guanajuato, Chihuahua, Oaxaca and Campeche 1. The only states that remain until now without dead by Covid-19 are: Aguascalientes, Chiapas, Tlaxcalaand Colima.

The March 18, we recorded the first death by coronavirus in Mexico: a patient man 41-year-old who suffering from diabetes and started with symptoms on the 9th of march.

Until the March 23,the Secretariat of Health maintained the Phase Ibecause cases of coronavirus. The morning of the March 24, it was announced that Mexico went on to Phase II of the contingency by Covid-19.

The sanitary authorities of Mexico ahead of this Thursday phase 3 of the epidemic of coronavirus, where is the expected spread of local, accelerated, will start probably in the next two weeks.

This was announced by the deputy minister of Health and spokesperson of the mexican government since the start of the epidemic COVID-19, Hugo Lopez-Gatellin his press conference in the evening. “This will involve some adjustment in the control measures epidemiological” warned the official.

In the press conference today it was confirmed the death of two pregnant women by COVID-19, the first of its kind in the country. Both were morbid obesitywhile one of them had a high blood pressure and other diabetes gestational. “You have to be careful with pregnant women and consider them susceptible persons” he said, before wishing “may they rest in peace. It is very unfortunate”.

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